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Resident Evil Revelations

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Also on:PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS
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Very Good

Fun, but not perfect

posted by Hatedestruction (POWDER SPRINGS, GA) Aug 16, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

The controls using the Wii U gamepad make playing this title a bit difficult. I've yet to successfully shoot an enemy as well as I could in, say RE6.

This has led to a bit of frustration. I would highly recommend this title on the 3ds, as the controls feel much more native, but it's still a good game with a good story.

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Decent for a Silent Hill...ah..Resident Evil game.

posted by LMNOP (NEW LONDON, CT) Aug 2, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

This is my 4th day playing this game.

In a nutshell, this title is an attempt to modernize ol' skool RE, and it did a decent job. The story is nothing amazing, the gunplay is fun, and the creatures...well..look like the ones from silent hill.

I didn't care much for the campaign (forced myself to beat it), but Raid Mode makes this worth renting (basically a multiplayer objective-based run-and-gun for an S-Rank mode).

In this mode, damage is based on gun statistics in an RPG way, different level guns can be found during missions or bought in a store, and meeting certain requirements unlocks more characters to choose from, each having their own specialty.

I recommend renting it if you have the patience to beat the campaign mode for Raid Mode. I say "Rent" because I can see myself getting sick of this game entirely in about 2 weeks.

P.S: In regards to the campaign mode: There's a guy who looks like Ronald McDonald and the Joker had a kid. He has to be the worst character in RE history. There's also another character that contributes nothing to the storyline, yet get's referenced like 10 times. If you ask me..they're running out of ideas. Hate to say it, but I can't see myself buying another RE game in a long time.


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The Revelations are okay

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

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It may be true that Resident Evil: Revelations came out on the 3DS more than a year ago, but this version has a little more going for it.
In the main mode, the story mode, you go through 12 chapters, going from point A to point B, blasting all sorts of terrifying creatures with all sorts of weaponry (you start of with a handgun, but can easily got a shotgun, rifles, grenades, and even use a rocket launcher or mini gun.)
It will take most players about 6 to 8 hours to get through the main mode (which is a standard amount of time for the genre). It is just like it is in the 3DS version.
But this version also has a Co-Op Mode where you go online and play with a second player. Here, you go through sections of the Story Mode as any of the characters in the game. You get vastly larger options for weapons, armor, and supplies than you do in Story Mode.
The graphics are good for the genre as are the controls. I had a lot of fun making my way through the Story Mode as well as the Co-Op mode; this game delivers on the basic promises of a horror shooter.
But there’s nothing revolutionary about the game. Some of the levels are really short treks from point A to point B, and some other parts are tough because you can get lost.
Still, Resident Evil: Revelations is a solid shooter that is a definite rent, and a possible buy for fans of the RE franchise.

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