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Surprisingly Good

posted by Aldeema (SCHENECTADY, NY) Nov 12, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

I had low expectations, maybe that's why I was so pleased. I rented it in case I needed the back story to RE Revelation 2, coming this spring. I'm sure it could have had better controls if it didn't originally come out for the DS. Overall it was a good job. Fun play.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Back to the old school

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Sep 3, 2014

Member since Dec 2009

RE Revelations is a nice mix of the modern RE games, and the old school style games. Though it does pull a lot more from the newer ones.

First the things I did not like:
-The buddy system in the game removes a lot of the tension
-The setting. It's cool that it's a cruise ship but has been done before ( and better in Resident Evil Dead Aim)
-Episodes. While it was neat, it really broke up the flow of the game though it did allow for many different locations and characters. I do think that the different characters sort of took away from the story a bit at times.

What I did like:
-Old School RE Vibe. Ala Resident Evil 4
-On a cruise ship. That can be really creepy if you think about how massive a cruise ship is, how empty it can feel and how vast the ocean is. Being lost on a monster infested cruise ship in the middle of the ocean is a pretty scary thing.
-Controls. They were handled well enough to give you the actiony vibe of newer REs but keep the feel of the older ones
-Jill and Chris. Both continuing RE characters we all liked
-Parker: How can you not like this guy? He's great

Overall the plot of the game while still kinda cheese is a lot of fun, and helps give you that creepy RE atmosphere. The ship lended to some new elements like swimming through sunken parts of it. That was really cool.

If you are a fan of older RE games definitely check this one out. If you like the newer ones, check it out. There is something here for every player.

Verdict: Rent (or buy if you really like RE games)

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GF Rating

Above Average

6.7 A Revelation of Good or Bad?

posted by SlaughterFox13 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jun 8, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Capcom's next game, after the...Let's just say "sub-par" games of Resident Evil 6 and Raccoon City. This game sets you as Jill Valentine (mostly...). As you cover the secrets hidden away on an abandoned ship lost at sea.

Some key elements to this game I saw is that it was a MAJOR step in the right direction for Capcom. This game has good atmosphere and chilling settings to play from. They brought back the In-Game inventory box thingy! I heard that was in them original RE games and I found it quite handy. Character designs were very well done with some creepy looking enemies. The level design was one of my favorite things, reminding me of Dead Space! The game played smoothly with beautiful cut-scenes. Then why am I giving this above average?

The thing is, old games were meant to simply pass the time and had no key story to focus on, at least it was for me (never really played much games when I was young). This game gets TOUGH after a while and instead of having fun, researching and running from these creatures, you start you start to get frustrated. Boss battles are ridiculous! I died countless times not knowing whether to shoot whatever was coming at me, or lead it to some spot where I can get a vantage point. Yeah I know, I suck at games, have not heard that before but there is a difference from killing something with skill and relieved that it is dead and being completely frustrated with it. The story was so cliche, I already knew what was going on throughout the game. NPC mapping to the enemies would break, having them not attack. I would get upset over enemies I'd sometimes just ditch them altogether. My partner...Worst of all would always be useless! Enemies would flat out ignore them to come after me. Side characters were annoying, aside from Jill and Chris, I didn't want to play or even listen to anyone else.

All and all, it was a good game, don't get me wrong. Just not my style. Definitely give it a rent and buy it if you enjoyed. Hope this helped.

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