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Very Good


posted by rpgfan72 (ATLANTA, GA) Feb 12, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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The game has that beautifully crafted Resident Evil look. Interesting story line that gets a little muddy towards the end but the story is also a problem. A welcome addition to the portable handheld yet the episodic presentation takes you out of the action and slows down game play to recap and go back and forth in the story line. It seems that the Resident Evil has gotten faster in its round type game play but what this player misses are the puzzles that were unique to the first three games and Code Veronica. The 3D doesn't do anything to really impress but the game is fun but more movie than actual game. It is also kind of short. Outside of Mercenaries this is a sign of better things to come.

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GF Rating


A great mobile game with ups and downs.

posted by Vector48 (NEW YORK, NY) Jan 26, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Overall, Resident Evil: Revelations boast several triumphs, being a great display of the 3DS' capabilities, the game is worthy of it's upcoming console release. However, some downfalls means there is leeway as to how much you would enjoy the game. Please read my review and disregard the score.

THE GOOD: Revelations' wowing potential is instant. Boasting true "Survival Horror" gameplay, the game's great ship location offers dark corridors and beautiful sights. While the culprits are not the typical undead this time, rest assured that ooze zombies will keep you on your toes. They bear an aptitude for grotesque mannerisms and sudden appearances. The games best feat is the amazing soundtrack, along with other important sounds, you'll want to hear this mobile masterpiece.

THE GREY AREA: Revelations employs the series' long used chapter system. On one side this benefits the game being handheld, plentiful save points and chapter endings help short game sessions. On the other hand, chapters harm exploration, and the developers use it as an excuse to avoid the ship area. You'll be constantly zooming away from the horror bits for episodic gun-happy levels, and by the second half, the game is more action than horror. A tense last level also doesn't help the game's real problem...

THE BAD: Suffice to say, this isn't Shakespeare(though the game loves Dante). While the story starts nice and mysterious, things go downhill after the plot thickens. The game develops a cliche action movie plot regarding the BSAA, a rival anti-Bio terrorist organization, and long thwarted Bio Terrorist. By the second half of the game, not only is the the game more action-oriented, but the story is either very predictable, and starts a ridiculous cycle of bad plot twists, accompanied by goofy dialogue. This is a plot-heavy game, so if you can deal with a detrimentally goofy story, it might not affect you. Otherwise, the game can seems to take a dip in quality because of it.

VERDICT: An idea

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RE: Revelations; A frustrating, but surprising gem

posted by GameMonkey27 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Aug 17, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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I thoroughly enjoyed playing this 3DS- only port containg events between Resident Evil 4 & 5. Now here's the good, the bad and the ugly of this game:

THE GOOD: This is easily the best looking game on the 3ds. it takes the atmosphere of a good console resident evil title and makes it portable. the enemies are as scary as ever and the character models are nothing to scoff at. This game will give you a good jump here and there, just as you should come to expect with this kind of title.

THE BAD: This game doesn't have any real glitches (besides the occasional lag), so there's nothing really to complain about here. one major thing is that the controls on this game SUCK if you dont have circle pad pro. this really took me out of the game and created some really difficult moments when trying to kill a larger zombie. add this to a subpar storyline and you have yourself a problematic experience.

THE UGLY: Two words: boss fights. the bigger and more difficult monsters in the game are hideous. but not in a bad way, in a good way. The visuals in this game are so beautiful for the 3ds that the monsters are abslutely disgusting.

Overall, i would give this game 7.75 out of 10 because although it did have its good moments, there were a few big problems that took away from an otherwise very enjoyable experience. this game is worth a play if you are looking for a good game to waste time on for a long car ride, or if you are a fan of resident evil or survival horror in general. this game is a definite rent for most 3ds owners, but dont buy it unless you are a hardcore fan.

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