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Easier walkthrough in Decisions, Decisions

When you type in the security code for the elevator, go to level B2F, which is easier then B4F because of giant wasps that can sting you and you get poisoned constantly. If you go to B2F, then you will encounter the Hunter Gamma, which are frog-like monsters that can swallow you whole if you are weak enough. You can kill them by firing a grenade launcher w/ burst rounds once or twice depending what mode you are on. After when you have obtained the P-Base, climb out of the Water Purifying Facility and you will witness the showdown between the UBCS members and Thanatos. After the scene, go towards the body near the truck and swap a useless item for the card key and swipe the card key near the entrance. Go back to the body and on top of the truck, there should be some burst rounds for the grenade launcher, swap the card for the rounds and reload if you must. Then go into the entrance and go toward the one handle door. enter. WARNING: You will encounter Thanatos crashing through the window. Try not to get too much damage from the monster. Beware though, if you are too close to him, he will stab you for an instant death. enter the elevator passage and ride down to B4F. Your missing partner should be holding the V-Poison, if not, then go searching for it. This shortcut allows you to go and get the reagent materials without crossing the pier where 2 giant sharks called Neptune's roam freely. If you go there, good luck, because if a Neptune knocks you into the water, the shark will leap up and swallow you whole for an instant death.