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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City


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Not your Mother's Resident Evil...

posted by colony834 (WASHINGTON, DC) Oct 1, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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...Or more likely, your older brother's that you used to play when you were younger. Anyways, certainly not the same type of game as Res Evil 0-5. No puzzles of any kind, abundant ammo, and no real frightening parts. BUT, I think the existing reviews for this game are harsh. It is true, the game can be a little mundane. Your computer controlled teammates' AI isn't THAT bad (however I don't think they will be getting any calls from MENSA) It is a lot of shooting, lots of run and gun. Some forced cover, which can get annoying. The story is a little weak, but I really enjoyed how they tied in the events of this game to Res 2 and 3. Zombies and others take an unbelievable amount of bullets to kill and the over the shoulder camera work is not the best in the run and gun, mow down everything in sight type of play.

A good game for someone looking for a new spin on the series and a decent shooter. Don't expect an award winner or a classic Res Evil, though.

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Mixed feelings. Mostly leaning towards bad.

posted by j_460 (GONZALES, CA) Oct 30, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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I've played all the old and new R.E games, so I was very curious about this game (despite the bad reviews). It feels like an average shooter game and the controls are on the clunky side. Is it unplayable? No but it can annoy you. For example, when you run out of ammo on your weapon in the middle of combat, it takes 2 taps on the left bumper to switch to your handgun (when it should only be 1 tap). It may not mean much right now but every second counts when you find yourself surrounded by zombies or B.O.Ws. Taking cover is also a pain in the butt because it is flawed. How? Well, it seems to only work when it wants to and you struggle with it throughout the game. It can take several taps on the A button before your character actually takes cover. A.I is also pretty bad but they're useful as they keep bosses off your back while you run around doing tasks (teammates always die). Graphics are a bit above average. If you play in Normal difficulty, you will find ammo and health everywhere. Sometimes it felt like I was playing Left4Dead because of the crazy tasks that you sometimes have to do. There are also U.S Government SPEC-OPS all over the place who you gotta fight and boy are they annoying as it gets repetitive. I gotta admit though. Spraying bullets at hordes of zombies and running into R.E characters was fun. Doesn't hurt renting if you're curious about it but I wouldn't buy it.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

posted by metalmaniac1980 (HEBRON, IN) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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I like what capcom did, I was actually excited about the game however there are hits and misses here. I would recommend the game, it has challenge to it, but lets get to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good
- Multiplayer campaign and just online versus modes keeps things interesting. I enjoy the XP ranking system to unlock weapons as well as the ability to pick up weapons along the way when you will run out of ammo. Fits well with the RE storyline of Raccoon City from RE 1 and 2.

The Bad
- I guess Capcom to keep things interesting makes everything a bullet-sponge on Veteran and higher. the hit detection is okay, but enemies take on way too much damage especially landing mulitple headshots.
- Sprinting and trying to pick up items, well I guess thats why they have a "combat" dive.

The Ugly
- Capcom failed in my opinion with their NPC (non-playable character) teammates. While it is cool to have a "team" they bumble around aimlessly and are too inconsistent in helping allowing enemies to get easy attacks on you while simply spectating the action. Other times they engage relentlessly and get destroyed leaving you one on many, or they just get in the way and you end up wasting ammo putting it into their heads instead of zombies. I hope a patch comes out again for this fix.

Other than that this game I would recommend for any Resident Evil fan or even someone new. If you're a newcomer to Resident Evil, it won't make much sense, but still a great storyline. Its a new take on the series and one that can be catchy. I rank a 7 because of abilities and replay. Game is challenging, but I'd revamp the A.I.

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