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Slant Six ruined Resident Evil

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Mar 26, 2012

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If I had been able to play the game for pre-ordering I never would've bought. Slant six ruined resident evil. There are so many areas that they just got a plain wrong is hard to know where to begin.
A) the days of being able to carry multiple weapons, multiple items and unique weapons are gone.
b) in an effort to make again scarier, they made it so dark you can't even see what's right in front of you.
C) your AI partners no longer can help you carry a bunch of stuff. All they do is manage to get themselves shot and taken out of commission why you're still fighting.

This game doesn't feel like a resident evil. Why attach a team of AI to be your constant companion and you can even control their movements. Slant six made this game a standard shooter. No strategy, no feel for what the resident evil experience is all about. The days of acid rounds, plain rounds and freeze rounds are gone. The overall look of the game is fine. The gameplay or controls is fine. What is missing is what separates resident evil from other zombie themed games. This game comes off more like yakuza dead souls. In any other resident evil game to ever hit the market. This is an okay game to rent but not all. This is like playing one of those knockoff games does not feel like a true part of the resident evil franchise.

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Above Average

More Problems Than Solutions

posted by eye0see0you (SHASTA LAKE, CA) Mar 25, 2012

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This game had a lot of potential to become what Dead Island wasn't, a great cooperative zombie game but like Dead Island, it failed to satisfy.
Poor gameplay design/mechanics - No roll button but rather a useless dive makes evading gunfire and melee attacks nearly impossible. Stiff and slow aiming even when it's at max sensitivity. No enter/exit cover button but instead an auto cover button where you just walk near a wall and you pop into cover which doesn't work well in this type of game. Overpowered weapons like the grenade launcher and overpowered melee because once you get caught in someone's melee it is impossible to get out of it and you can just sit there and watch your health bar go away.
Bland sound and visuals - The levels and graphics aren't memorable and the sound design and music isn't as well.
Short and boring campaign - 6 missions coming in at about 20 minutes each with a weak storyline and mission designs.
Terrible AI's - Your campaign partners are just plain stupid. They walk into fires and mines, sometimes they sit there and do nothing especially on bosses, and they don't revive you when you're down.
Co-op/Multiplayer - When the played with people, the campaign is enjoyable as your teammates actually do stuff that the terrible AI wouldn't. The competitive multiplayer modes are the usual TDM, Capture the Objective, and Last Man Standing but ORC adds a unique twist to these traditional game modes by adding zombies in them. The zombies play a huge role as they can net you points to win as well as kill your enemies. Damage an enemy enough and they will start to bleed and once bleeding, zombies will follow the blood and swarm him.
Unlocks - The unlockables are plenty to please. There's lots of weapons to unlock, active and passive abilities to unlock and upgrade for each class, and an art gallery for those who like to collect the items in the campaign.
So all in all, it's a enjoyable multiplayer experience but as a whole, it's no

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GF Rating

Above Average

Resident evil ????

posted by lamonhazzardjr (PASADENA, CA) Mar 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Disappointing game to be a resident evil title heres why:
1.The storyline was short and dull and left me confused
2. should have done a storyline for S.T.A.R.S
3. Shallow multiplayer and laggy co-op play when more than 2 are playing
4. game engine and A.I problems, dated visuals(expected eye popping enviroments and more gruesome looking zombies)
5.aim system felt sluggish( had to raise sensitivity to max to get a better response)
6. Abilities did not really make a difference in game(hardly had to use them)
7. Felt more like a $15 arcade shooter not worth buying
8. If ur new to resident evil rent it if u are a fan of it don't bother u will send it back the next day.
9.Ending to the game was an epic fail truly lame.

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