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Resident Evil: Operation Bafoon City

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Mar 22, 2012

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Yeah... it really is as bad as the critic reviews say it is. Moreso, it's really just disappointing.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting this to be amazing or anything when it was announced, but I thought it was a cool idea. RE has had some terrible games/unimportant games pop up in the series before (Code Veronica, Outbreak, etc.)
But, I was surprised that the game got slammed as hard as it did, especially since the 'media's' way to deal with a bad game, is to simply not talk about it before it comes out, instead of giving an honest preview that says "Yeah, this game needs some work" so, that explains the lack of hype.

The truth is, when I started to play it (because of lot of user scores seem to imply it didn't get a fair shake) I immediately saw the framework what could be an amazing game.
Unfortunately, that's not how the game pans out. This game is FULL of great ideas, and terrible execution. The gameplay just doesn't feel good. The use a camera more suited to 3rd person beat 'em up rather than a classic over the shoulder RE view, or even any other 3rd person shooter. Seriously this game with Uncharted gunplay mechanics would be phenomenal.
I'm not even going to start on the side arm controls. I'm just not. Nope.
Enemies take a while to die and is pretty inconsistent in terms of how many shots to he body(or head) it takes to put someone down.
The melee started out as a good idea, but then wasn't.
The enemy AI is dumb, but, not incredibly stupid compared to most. The friendly AI is downright atrocious. Seriously, you HAVE to play co-op. HAVE TO. They didn't even program COM AI, it's THAT BAD. NO JOKE.

Ultimately, despite the score, if you find 3 people to stick this out with, it honestly could be a decent experience, a fond memory. But, the reality was they took a GOLDEN opportunity to make something unforgettably good in the series and multiplayer universe, actually had all the tools and ideas to do it... and instead got a game that just doesn't wo

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posted by Lafleuffe (LOS ANGELES, CA) May 14, 2012

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I rarely turn on a game so quickly, but I fired an entire clip into a soldier's head and not only did he live but he ran up and knocked me down. He stood over me and beat me down every time my character tried to get up.

Ejected disc. Sealed it in package. Sent it back. Not for me.

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Worst in the franchise

posted by BPilcher07 (CROSBY, TX) Apr 9, 2012

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I got this thinking that it was going to be really good but I was so wrong on this. I have been a huge RE fan since September of 98 but this did it in for me. I mean the camera view sucks, your "team mates" if you want to call them that, doesn't really help you and just stands there like nothing is going on. Even when they get fired upon they really do nothing. The only thing that your team mates are good for is target practice. The only thing that this title is good for is a chew toy for your dog. I wouldn't rent this if I was you. The only thing that this good about this game is the graphics and the dude with the eye on his shoulder. You actually have to carry your team.

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