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Not as bad as everyone thinks!

posted by Azikira (TUCSON, AZ) Feb 20, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

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I know Resident Evil (and the horror genre in general) is changing a lot, from scary to more action and cheap jump scares. Anyone looking for a genuinely scary game will be thoroughly disappointed, but those of you looking for a fun little romp with your friends will definitely get the most out of this game.

This game was designed to be played with friends, and to be taken lightly (seeing as how it's an alternate reality). You load up a level, blast some zombies with your pals, fight a boss and call it a night. It's got a nice pick-up-and-play feel to it, and the characters all look pretty neat, even if the zombies only cycle through 6 outfits.

All in all, if you want a scary game, go play Amnesia. If you want a decent tactical shooter to play with your friends, Operation Raccoon City isn't a bad choice, especially given it's used price tag.

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Not terrible but a let down

posted by CaliGamer (SANTA MONICA, CA) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Jun 2006

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When I first read details on this game I loved the idea. You'd get to play as Umbrella special forces in a team based shooter resident evil game. What can go wrong??


First, the graphics. They're simply very dated. They aren't horrible but they're very lacking in attention to detail. Bland walls, non descript ceilings, repetitive hallways and zombies and bios that simply aren't impressive looking make this game far worse than RE5 in the graphics category.

Level Detail : absolutely terrible. Everything about details in the levels is bad. For example in one level you're fighting through the streets of Raccoon City with crashed cars here and there and random piles of horribly low detail rubble and trash lying around. Not too bad until you find out that one of the abandoned stores along the street has an open door! A chance to explore Raccoon City post zombie apocalypse!! And then you enter the "store" only to find that it's literally nothing but an empty box. "Bob's Gun shop" is just a tiny room with a floor, 4 walls and a ceiling. Literally nothing else. This lack of attention to detail makes the level design seem cheap and horribly rushed.

Teammate AI : Oi..... the worst I've ever seen. My teammates constantly got themselves killed by walking into fires that were nowhere near anything they should have been walking towards in the first place. And that's when they're not running endlessly against a wall for who knows what reason, or running headlong through a very obvious laser trip mine. Be prepared to have to revive your lackluster squad mates frequently when controlled by AI.

Top it off with the campaign being far too short, voice acting that's really only average and a 5 second long "ending" that borders on incompetant on the part of the studio that developed the game and you have a very disappointing result.

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Avoid this mess

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Mar 21, 2012

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I was hoping to like "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City". The idea of playing the events of RE2 and RE3 from the perspective of Umbrella forces was quite intriguing. The graphics are fairly decent and the voice acting is competent. Sadly, I can't say much else positive about the game. The controls are okay, though movement can be slow, sometimes ridiculously so. The camera angles are often not in your favor; in fact, after one cut scene I was facing in the completely opposite direction, which resulted in taking damage from an attack almost immediately. The camera also tends to cause you to lose sight of where you need to go, and worse, where the enemies are. AI, for both your squad (I only played single player, though I've read things aren't much better in the multiplayer modes) and enemies alike is abysmal. Your squad runs into hazards, blocks your view and way, doesn't help out, and proves to be more of a detriment than anything else. Making things worse, the enemies are bullet-sponges, often causing you to run out of ammo before they drop. Cheap deaths abound, making this an exercise in frustration instead of a fun zombie shooter. If you have to, rent this only, though you're likely going to send this back the next day. Capcom should be ashamed for tarnishing the franchise with this subpar entry. Here's hoping Resident Evil 6 makes up for this abomination.

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