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Just another version of Resident Evil 1, but good

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 22, 2006

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This is a very reasonable port of RE1. All the classic elements are there, including the cheesy FMV and the really awful voice acting. The 3D looks just as good as it did on the PS1 back in the day -- actually, probably better. The load times are certainly better than the original. The whole port seems very polished, and it's impressive that they managed to do the game justice on a hand-held.

If you've never played a Resident Evil game, well... you should really play Resident Evil on the Game Cube. But say you don't have GameCube -- in that case, I can recommend this game. However, if you've already played RE1, you won't find the new additions to be very interesting. The arcadey new feature forces you to fend off monsters with the stylus, which is just weird.

So this is a good rent if you've never played RE1 before, or maybe if you played it a decade ago and have forgotten how the story goes.

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A great game though somewhat lacking in new stuff

posted by Sonodsadak (PORT RICHEY, FL) Apr 20, 2006

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Resident Evil is a classic, and so is this game. The updates to controls are great, and the knife fight system, though annoying at times, adds a lot to the fun and also danger of the hallways we have wandered so often. The only problem is that chances are you have wandered these halls, very often. Sure there are a few puzzles that are different, but in most ways the game is the same game you have played on the ps1. But don't let that deter you from playing multilayer can be fun at times(if you can find someone else with the game sorry no single cart multi). And the master of knifing game you unlock after beating the game is great.
All in all this has always been a solid game and it remains so. Now we just need an original RE game for the ds using the same mechanics.

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RE fans

posted by Torg001 (LAMBERTVILLE, MI) Apr 27, 2006

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If you are a fan of RE, and I mean a true fan and not some 12 year old that saw the RE movie, this is our game. I greatly enjoyed Classic mode. I didnt care for the new touchscreen games but they aren't in the Classic mode. I hope they make RE2 for DS since that is considered as being one of the best of the series.
In conclusion, there isn't much that can be done to improve on RE and if you think there is, go play something else:)

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