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Resident Evil Deadly Silence


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Rebecca Chambers in wireless multi-player

Finish Rebirth mode as Chris.

Richard Aiken in wireless multi-player mode

Finish all versus mode levels in wireless multi-player mode.

Masters Of Knifing mini-game

Finish the game.

Rocket Launcher

Complete the game in less than three hours. Start another game from your saved game file to begin with the Rocket Launcher in your inventory.

Alternate costumes

Complete Jill Valentine's scenario with Barry Burton alive or Chris Redfield's scenario with Rebecca Chambers alive. Save the game, then load the cleared game file to start with the Special Key in your inventory. Use it to unlock the closet in Mansion 1F to access the alternate costumes. REMEMBER: The alternate costumes are different in Classic and Rebirth modes.

Rebirth mode Spitting zombie revenge

When a zombie starts spitting, blow into the microphone to send it back at them.

Albert Wesker in wireless multi-player

Get a "B" or greater rank in the Masters Of Knifing mini-game.

Barry Burton in wireless multi-player

Finish the Rebirth mode as Jill.

Enrico Marini in wireless multi-player mode

Finish all co-op levels in wireless multi-player mode.

Forest Speyer in wireless multi-player mode

Finish Classic mode as Jill.

Kenneth J. Sullivan in wireless multi-player

Finish Classic mode as Chris.