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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Hidden item crate on airplane

There is an item crate in the cockpit of the airplane, beside and to the right of the cargo bay door. This makes it easier to prepare before entering the cargo bay.

Extra BOW gas rounds in battle mode

During you fourth time as alternate Claire in battle mode, look in the slot machine for BOW gas rounds. It takes about five to kill the Boss.

Portrait puzzle solution

This is the sequence to solve the puzzle in the room with the portraits. The number in parentheses is their position clockwise when facing the door. Beautiful woman holding tea set (4) Middle aged man with red-haired twins (7) Red-haired man holding a teaset (2) Red-haired man with earthenware plate (6) Man with earthenware vase (1) Man with candlestick (5) Young man from projector (3- up stairs)

D.I.J.'s journal

You find D.I.J.'s journal in the slot machine in battle mode. Sometimes you have to play more than once to find it.

D.I.J.'s identity

The person who wrote the D.I.J. diary is the mouse that jumps out of the locker in the Antarctica section of Claire's scenario of the game.

Sub Machine Guns in battle mode

When playing as Claire in in battle mode, go to the casino room. Open the slot machine to find some Sub Machine Guns. REMEMBER: It may take awhile to get them.

No zombies in metal detector area

When you are ready to copy the hawk emblem, get into the room with the duplication machine. Instead of copying the plate, set off the alarm by taking something metal through the detector, but do not turn the alarm back on. Copy the plate, then when you are going back through there will be no zombies in the hallway.

Fun with Zombies

If you want innovative ways to kill Zombies, try this. There will be zombies on the dirt road that leads up to the mansion (where you find the Gold Lugers) the first time you get there. With your back to the concrete wall, let a zombie grab hold of you and push him off. He will hit the railing and fall over it. When you have a lot of Zombies chasing you, run up the nearest flight of stairs. Shoot the first Zombie that climbs up the stairs when he reaches the top, but not far enough to get at you. Shoot him enough times with whatever handgun you have until he looses his balance and falls down the stairs, killing every other Zombie below that he lands on. You will not need to shoot the Zombie more than three times to get him off balance. The best place for this maneuver is near the end of the game, with Chris in the Moth Room.

Extra BOW gun ammunition

Behind were you obtained the grenade launcher is a door. Equip your grenade launcher before going in, as there are two Bandersnatchs. Also in here are some BOW gun arrows, near where you killed the first one.