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posted by shocktroop (BROWNSVILLE, TX) Apr 16, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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I've played this game on the original PS1, DS, and GCN. Now I find myself playing the Wii port of the GCN. This game has a secret formula that somehow has me playing it over and over again, its also good that each title has something new and different thus adding a new experience.

If you have never played the GCN version I recommend you to hop onto this one. Although it is nearly identical the new control options are quite comfortable, I personally like the Wii remote + nunchuk. The game is revamped from the original PS version, its going to be a whole new experience.

So if you have not picked up the GCN version I recommend it.

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Wow. At least some people have sense.

posted by swfan34 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Feb 4, 2010

Member since May 2008

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I am appalled. At what? Some of the reviews for this game.

"it suck camaera was on the wall chackter"

And that was all I could take.

Okay, not let me discuss this game.

The story? Not all that great.

Controls? Good for the type of game it is, but by today's standards, horrible.

Graphics? It's a GameCube game. It's not new. They're GameCube graphics.

Now more in-depth.

This is a Wii port of a GameCube game that is a remake of a PS1 game.

The controls aren't too great. But for the kind of game it is, where camera angles make the game seem cinematic instead of like a game, you need this control type. Pushing up on the nunchuck's analog stick moves the character forward. Pushing to the sides rotates.

It's very simple, really. It you play the game for more than 3 seconds you'll get used to it, and then you'll be able to play other great games, such as the rest of the RE series and Silent Hill (Except 4 & 5).

If you want to know how today's preferred controls would work in an RE game, play Outbreak.

Now, the story.

It's cliche. Terribly, terribly cliche. The GameCube remake made the story make a bit more sense and less cliche, but the basic idea is still horribly, awfully cliche.

An evil corporation makes a super virus to create the ultimate soldiers, and it creates zombies.


It gets a bit deeper than that, and overall I think it's okay. The RE series got better stories as it went along, so 2, 3, CV, 4 & 0 have good stories.

I exclude 5, because it was terrible.

Anyway. The graphics.

GameCube, we love you.

Aaaaand that's it.

Yes, I am giving it a 10.

And no, I don't think that's even a bit wrong.

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A very good game for the old classic RE fans.

posted by thugj71242 (PAULLINA, IA) Dec 14, 2009

Member since Apr 2004

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I have to say for starters people who hate on this game is probaly because that they have been playing the most recent one like 4 and 5 and so have I but still i prefer the old games better they may not of had that good of graphics but the games freakin ruled so yeah to all those haters out there your to used to playin the new style of gaming and dont respect the old style games

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