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posted by grantos (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Aug 10, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

I never played this game as I never owned a gamecube and I like the RE series so I decided to try it out. The story is kinda weird. They tie it in as it is the prequel to the original Resident Evil, but some parts are tacky and don't seem fully connected, especially since in my mind Rebecca seemed somewhat frightened throughout the original RE and she seems a little more ready for action in this one. The fear/horror factor isn't as good in the surroundings, cutscenes, and especially in the enemies as you have apes, what look like giant crickets, some zombies that make me think of a drunk Gumby, and a centipied boss that just plain made me laugh. I thought there were one or two puzzles that were pretty difficult, most weren't too hard. There was a bit of backtracking in this game and I didn't like not having the item chests. All in all, it was an okay gameplay for my first time, but nothing great.

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not a two player game

posted by amandalust (NEW YORK MILLS, NY) Dec 30, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

i was looking for more of a two player game and when i saw that this game was listed in the two player category on game fly i thought this would be really cool as it turns out this is not a two player game but instead its a one player that can jump back and forth between two characters... which by the way kinda sucks because the second charcter steals your life and amo. plus i found it kinda hard to move my character around when walking.... any how for the most part i wanted the game thinking it was two player which it truned out to be only one : (

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Not A Zero....Not A Ten.

posted by Gamejunki2 (SALEM, VA) Sep 30, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

This is a classic Resident Evil game....and that may be the problem. Puzzle Solving, Shooting, Movement and Frights are all the same as they were in the original series and don't really add anything new to the Wii version what so ever. At times it was difficult to move the characters where you wanted them to go and it cost you alot of time and possibly lives depending on what situation you're in. Another issue is that like the past games the autosave option isn't present and if you happen to die then it will kick you back to the game's main menu and you start from where you saved..if you saved. Overall this is a title only for hardcore Resident Evil fans and unless you really want to play this then you should consider skipping this and playing another RE title.

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