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Really Bad

a mockery to the game series

posted by april12 (SILVERDALE, WA) Aug 5, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

This, along with the 2 other live action RE movies, are just terrible. I've been playing Resident Evil games since the beginning and could'nt have been more dissapointed with these movies if I tried. The actors/actresses are all poorly cast in my opinion, because not only do the recognizable characters like Jill, Chris, Claire, Wesker, etc. not look anything like thier videogame counterparts, but thier personalities are way off. The main character Alice I absolutely despise. She's awkward, her outfits look like they have been thought of in 5 minutes, and they ruin the whole storyline by adding her.

Example: The nemisis, in the game, he is a badass boss that chases you and causes havoc. In the movie, sure he may pull of a cool move or two, but in the end he turns out to be Alice's undead husband who saves her from dying while in his 'nemisis form'. In other words,

Watch the animated RE, I did'nt care for that storyline either but the characters, setting, action, and voice acting are superior. Trust me, you'll enjoy it alot more that these sad excuses for movies.

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To continue my series...

posted by swfan34 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Oct 17, 2009

Member since May 2008

I have to give the other reviewer credit. He actually saw the movie.
He says it has connections to Resident Evils Code: Veronica, 2, 3, Outbreak, and Outbreak File #2. He also states that it includes game characters such as Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliviera, and Ashley Ashford.
First off, Ashley Ashford does not exist. There is an Alexia Ashford in Code: Veronica and an Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4. I don't remember the girl's name in this movie, but she did have the last name Ashford, a reference to Code: Veronica. Anyway, those "references" include a scene completely ripped off of Code: Veronica, an enemy and setting taken from RE2 (the same setting is also in Re:Outbreak and Outbreak File #2 and RE3), and an enemy and two characters (Jill and Carlos) from RE3.
Oh, sorry, movie. Well, this movie actually aknowledges the games, at least. The same mundane main character, Alice, remains, but I won't rant about her right now. Anyway, she is also joined by a random horny African-American guy who I kinda liked for some reason, and Jill and Carlos from RE3. This is the one thing this movie does right. All of the supporting characters are great. The villains made sense, and even had motives. Jill and Carlos were almost exactly like their video game counterparts, even if all of the action and big kills went to Alice instead of the already-badass-Jill. I won't go into detail about the story, as it is the only one in the series that holds up even a little.
My biggest dissapointment about the movie, apart from the fact that the "boss" of the movie was downed by Alice in a one-on-one fight, rather than Jill as it should have been, had this movie been done by Capcom, was that there was no Chris. Jill is in it, and several STARS members are seen, and Leon Kennedy is even mentioned. I just hope Chris is in the fourth one, and that said fourth movie tries a little harder.
Anyway, I have to say that in this trilogy, this one was the only good one.

The ending sucked.

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GF Rating


Game savvy movie

posted by justin12 (VINTON, VA) Feb 3, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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Resident Evil:Apocalypse is an awesome zombie movie. It follows the stories and plots of the Resident Evil games. The movie has scenes related to Resident Evil:Code Veronica, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil: Outbreak, and Resident Evil: Outbreak file#2. The movie has almost all the monsters from the games. It even has Resident Evil characters such as Jill Valentine, Carlos, and Ashley Ashford. This is an awesome movie.

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