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posted by PhantomWolven (VENETA, OR) May 21, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

After struggling through this game with my husband we both agreed it was complete tripe. There was only one moment in the game that was ever truly scary (and that was near the beginning of Leon and Helena's story) and after that it lost all semblance of fear for us. After that it was just terrible.

No terrifyingly dark alleyways, no moments where you were afraid for your life. Plenty of herbs and ammo. Just loads and loads and loads of enemies that you have to mow through which got really boring really quickly.

Then, in an effort to change things up I guess, every boss fight had to be a series of fights where the boss is never really actually dead, coupled with loads and loads and loads of utterly annoying quick time events.

A lot of this game felt like content that was just tacked on as a time sink to draw out the length of the game.

There were some enjoyable moments, but mostly not.

We loved that we got to play together on the same system, that's rare these days, and so that's why this game got a three instead of a one. Now if they just made the game actually a horror/survival shooter instead of a regular old shooter with QTEs then maybe it would've been fun.

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GF Rating


not for everyone...

posted by bigboyzback (TAMPA, FL) Apr 30, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

the Game is very scripped..its a long tunnel that you cant veer off of...theres only 2 directions to go in..backwards or cant explore at all....

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GF Rating

Above Average

decent but somewhat dissapointing.

posted by bobthe23rd (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Apr 12, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

I loved the first third of this game. It was resident evil with controls that were more functional. However once it got to the second third and became a strange hybrid of resident evil and military shooter, I just got bored. It just lost my interest at that point. I felt like there are too many games that do each aspect much better. Better military shooters and better resident evil games. Was worth the rent as the first third was great in my opinion.

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