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Resident MEDlEVAL 6: Back to the middle ages 5.5

posted by scarbizzle (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Just finished a grueling 20+hrs playthrough of this set of japanese esque action sequences packed with flashy cut scenes and loading screens galore. First the gameplay is ok but is so freaking repetitive it loses its fun after playing through the very first set of 5 chapters. There are power-ups but they really dont add anything but filler to the moves you have available. All they really do is make your weapons and combat moves more powerful and because the characters and animations are so clunky, you wont wanna come back to level up anyway. The graphics are only like 80% done. Most of the monsters look outstanding, but most of the time everything else looks muddied or unrealistically shiny and even seems unfinished. The only reason you might feel like completing the game is to see what the monsters look like and to get through the latest RE story to keep you up to tabs. The sound is probably the best part of the game. The 5.1 mix is clean and crisp and the music sets the mood for action but you wont hear anything you pretty much haven't heard before in any other shooter or horror genre game. Replay ability is there but it seems it may be only interesting enough if you are a die hard resident evil fan that doesn't mind eating all of it up. Co-op is fun but unnecessary since the game play isn't tight enough in the first place but at least it's there and works well enough to give the game a better overall average and all the other co-op and extra content is again just seemingly filler for a pretty much clunky, broken, unfinished, and boring concept that has only seemed to digress into something from back in time. With so many games doing so much more and so much better with phenomenal execution. it's hard to recommend this game other than just seeing what the New or should I say "old" RE series is about. Diehard fans need only apply. This game deserves a 5.5 and I am being generous. The game is broken in many places and needs to get back to the future of gaming.

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A great series ruined!

posted by g3strings (CROWN POINT, IN) Nov 30, 2012

Member since Feb 2008

1. Res Evil 4 is a masterpiece.
2, Res Evil 5, not half as good as 4.
3. Res Evil 6, unplayable!!!!!
p.s. The same goes for Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3.

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If you don't like the RE series you still won't.

posted by Faroutman (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Sep 2005

I loved the original Resident Evil on the old Playstation, I have not liked any other since. I don't think the over the shoulder camera works anymore. I tried RE5 and did not like it, my friends swore RE6 would change my mind... it didn't. If you enjoy the series then you will likely enjoy this one, if you're like me and weren't impressed with RE5 skip to the next game on your wish list.

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