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3 main campaigns, two of which I wish didn't exist

posted by Phatsnake (NEW YORK, NY) Dec 18, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

The game is divided to 3 main campaigns and an extra one. I'll start with Leon's campaign.

Leon's campaign will appeal to the old school Resident Evil fans: good old slow zombies with no funky upgrades or mutations like those from RE4 or 5, relatively limited ammo, and the campaign revolves around survival, the way Resident Evil games should always be in my opinion. It is packed with interesting events that lead up to the final fight, some really scary moments, but don't expect a deep story with crazy plot twists. It feels like a whole game in terms of amount of time played. It's the perfect RE campaign for those who preferred RE 1-3, code veronica 0 and the remake.

Chris' campaign: I may be biased because I never liked Chris, but this campaign feels more like a third person shooter, and not a good one either. This one is mostly action oriented, with lots of weapons and ammo, and crazy melee abilities. Some of the creatures you fight in the earlier chapters are interesting and you have to approach each type in a different way, offering some variety and strategy, but later on it feels like Capcom lost its creativity. You'll come across a human/spider and a human/grasshopper. I thought those two were by far the least creative creature designs in the RE universe. For those who liked the Action packed RE5, then this campaign is perfect for them.

Jake: Jake's campaign is similar to Chris' with the addition of a bigger, meaner creature that can take LOTS of hits and chases him across maps. I suppose it is the closest thing to the Nemesis from 3. Jake's campaign feels less of a shooter game but it still is action oriented.

Notable bugs: If you're in the middle of a fight and you trigger a cut scene, the fight would still continue but you wouldn't know, and you'll be almost dead by the time you finish the cut scene. Also you can't pause for the majority of the game.

Leon's campaign ranking: 9/10
Chris' campaign ranking: 6/10
Jake's campaign ranking: 7/10

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posted by punkemoska (KINGSLAND, GA) Dec 16, 2012

Member since May 2008

4 Campaigns of Pure Action. This game delivers and definitely deserves to be in the Resident Evil Series.

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Guess it's just not my style

posted by Halo3357 (HUDSON FALLS, NY) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

i like survival games and zombie games but this was a litttle meh..

it did scare me at first when a zombie popped out of no where and screamed but then i really started not enjoying the game because it's 3rd person, zombies sometimes are still alive even after a clear headshot

i guess i'll stick to Left 4 Dead because that is FUNNNN

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