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An Action Game Cliche Sandwich!

posted by capthavic (ATHOL, MA) Oct 9, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

14 out of 21 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

First just let me say that while I normally can respect differences in taste/opinion but in this case, to the people giving this game a 7-10 what were you smoking to make RE6 seem good?

Right off the bat you may as well forget the name Resident Evil is anywhere in this because of all the games since 4 this is the least RE game yet. Gone are scares and tension because you you will always have a partner, and that is one of the fastest way to kill any fear or tension. This is just another action third person shooter that happens to have zombies and other monsters in it. Conserving ammo and health will almost never be an issue and the game pretty much expects you to kill every enemy in your path. The only time I ever was in danger of running out of ammo or health was during boss fights and that only because they are bullet sponges that take forever to put down.

The camera is pulled in too close, clunky when in tight spaces, and doesn't auto turn when you do a quick 180 turn with character. Even if you switch aiming settings to laser sight it still feels stiff and awkward.

But the worst thing about the game is just how unpolished and poorly designed it is. During Leon's campaign I lost count of the number of instant deaths from something I had no way of seeing coming, a subway rain from behind and an ambulance outta nowhere being the most egregious.

Chris's story (aka "Gears of Duty") was better in that regard but had its own glaring issue. This is when the game gives any illusion of survival horror and becomes a shooter. The problem is despite the increase in enemies (with guns usually) they didn't increase the ammo drops in kind. Towards the end of his campaign I was getting swarmed with enemies but constantly running out of health and ammo. The culmination of this being his final boss fight where I was down to just a knife and one bar of health!

This game is just a sub par, unpolished mess that tries to appeal to everyone and fails in every respect.

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Big Let Down

posted by BigMac373 (BURIEN, WA) Dec 14, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I was expecting it to be something like RE5 with gun upgrades and such (which you cant do). I was also disappointed to find that you can only have 3 upgrades at a time even though there are so many to choose from!

The other Big Let Down was that headshots dont do anything, I found myself hitting the zombies multiple times in the head to have them still come at me.

I guess it just wasnt my cup of tea.

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6 is in the mix

posted by Kurocku (WEST POINT, GA) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

So I finally got my hands on with RE 6 and I had to hold my self back from comparing it to the other Resident Evil games. The look is impressive but the gameplay make me wonder. I aim for a zombie's head and all I get is it shuffling backwards I mean zombies and head shots are the one way to put the little suckers down. With that I still had fun kicking my way thourgh hoards to the ifected freaks which made gunplay almost useless. I found myself blasting at zombies just for fun, but don't get me wrong it was kinda fun if you don't take the game serious. I found myself dropping the controller in frustration when I had to find three keys which happens in every story line making it difficult to even burn through one story. I will say this one thing it had some tight controls it felt great to move and shoot other than that this is not a buy more like a last ditch rent when you are bored of the rest of the game q.

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