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Resident Evil at it's finest

posted by Fabiocrow1983 (COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, PA) Jan 15, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

I've Played through Chris's,Jake's and leon's Campaign already and I'm now on Ada's chapter 4 so I think I've played enough to give a fair review.
This Game Is a great edition to the resident Evil series of games and improved on a lot of things that past RE games had problems with and I will list those improvements here.

1. You no longer have to go to your inventory to select a healing item to heal yourself in the middle of a battle just hit the RB button and you're good to go.

2. you can now Run and shoot at the same time and even throw yourself onto your back and stay down and shoot.

3. melee was improved in this game to the point where you almost don't even need a gun.

4. Quick shot!!!! YES QUICK SHOT!! Best edition to this game hands down! Creature right behind you and you think you don't have time to turn and shoot it?...Simply press LT AND RT at the same time and your character quickly turns and shoots it. best guns for this are Sniper,magnum and shotgun but the handgun is great as well.

Bottom line is It's a really great game with 4 campaigns that are all equally as cool but i have my favorites. definitely give this game a try.

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evil 6

posted by mrswigge (LOUISVILLE, KY) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

great game love it

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Not for part-time gamers

posted by fredthebeagle (LANSING, MI) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

I give this a 1 only because I hate games that make you play for 3+ hours before you can save.

Oh, you got to the cathedral, and completed all the puzzles, and got halfway through and it took two hours?.. well we didn't save it so you get to do it again! Yay!

Decent graphics, the story seemed weak, though I only made it through almost two chapters, because the save points are so few and far between that if you only have an hour or two to play, you may as well not even bother (single player)

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