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Long and boring

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Feb 22, 2013

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You rarely see people complain that a game is too long, but seeing RE6 to completion is like performing work you're not getting paid to do. In fact, I'd rather paint my entire house. Or hang ten thousand xmas lights like that one year....I got through most of Leon's campaign before I could no longer take it. Gameplay is generic and uninspired. You wont find a single scary moment and the puzzles are a joke. This is nothing like what RE used to be/should be. I may even prefer Raccoon City over RE6, actually no, that sucked too.

other gripes:

RE6 has the most convoluted inventory system I have ever seen.
melee attacks are awkward, have fun repeatedly kicking the air.

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posted by Saigon187 (STRASBURG, VA) Feb 17, 2013

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RE6 - Good/Bad/Ugly

posted by Ziggers (PUNTA GORDA, FL) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

The Good:
- 4 long campaigns which can be played coop
- Graphics & sound were good
- Introduced several new characters (Piers, Helena, Jake)& brought back some old ones (Chris, Leon, Sherry)
- Run and shoot (FINALLY)
- Melee was fun
- Skill slots add variety to your character
- Additional game modes & features were nice (I really like the cutscene timeline they added)
- Ustanak was an awesome bad guy
- Lots of new enemy types

The Bad:
- A lot of the action sequences are way too over-the-top (nearing the point of ridiculous)
- Cover system is useless, I didn't use it at all
- Weapons feel good, but there is no customization and nothing really new
- Some people might not like the controls but it didn't bother me (it's RE which has always had weird controls)

The Ugly:
- Weird menu system that is different which each character and inventory management is an issue
- They still put lots of quick-time-events (QTE) in the game, I personally hate these

Overall, I liked the game. Most people will complain that it's not "survival horror" anymore... but it hasn't been survival horror since RE2 but who cares if the story and gameplay are enjoyable? It's inevitable that after 6 games (and countless sequels/prequels/etc) that "survival horror" games will turn into action games (see Dead Space 3 as another example). Most people will be good for a RENT or buy if you are a hardcore RE fan.

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