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R.E. Shooter

posted by MRconstantine (CHICAGO, IL) Jul 25, 2013

Member since May 2013

First let me say that im not a big R.E. fan i played the 2nd one and thats it. They make alot of refrences (or at least i asssume) to the older games throwing out names and events but w/e that didnt bother me so much.

The look of this game was great, the enemys/ scenery/ everything for that they nailed it.

Gameplay however not so much, for melee atacks i felt you had to be right on top of a guy to hit them and even that wouldnt always make contact. During some of the regular mobs movements made them invulnerable to attacks which is just stupid. Finding the blue disks was absolutely worthless to me and stoped looking for them almost instantly. I did like the differeant upgrade slots and being able to switch them when needed, however not too many great choices of upgrades.

I could never get matched up with someone else for Co-op so i cant really comment on that but it owuld of been nice to have it work at least once.

I thought the sotrys were all great except for Evas, it did absolutely nothing for me and didnt explain anything like i was hoping it would. each chapter takes about an hour each character 4-5hours to finish and there are 4 characters (storys) to play so the game has a longer life than i had expected wich was awesome. However i have absolutly no desire to replay anything.

I gave this game a 7/10 it was fun and entertained me, its deff a run around and kill everything game, not a survival game and it looks awesome. Not the best game ive played this year but deff not the worst

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GF Rating



posted by boygamer (SOUTH BEND, IN) Jul 21, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

this game was doing good until AFTER leon. chris's story bored the me to death. there was lots of enimies but a majority of them looked exactly the same the only diffrence is they had diffrent uniforms on. lazy camera work and terrible glitches that completly mess you up and make you frustrated. the game overall was pretty boreing and highly repetitive. i spent a majority of the time doing quick time events and walking around trying to find my objective. it is inpossible to get lost in this game. for the simple fact that you have your phone to guide you on where to go all you have to do is follow the arrow. so theres absolutly no challenge whatssoever. the controls are sloppy in some parts outher then that the gameplay is pretty meh. not good not bad just meh. uninpressed with it. they could have done way better with this one.

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Steroid zombies

posted by Thunderzone707 (SANTA ROSA, CA) Jul 14, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Still in the middle of my campaign mode (offline). I have skipped the last 3 resident evil's but now that I'm back Here is my mid-game assessment. The graphics are great. The story is great (steroid zombies). The controls take some getting used to (I dislike looking over the shoulder of the character in this game. I want to play out of the eyes of the character). The game is fun. I can appreciate gamefly more when it comes to games like this one. I will beat this game 1 character, then return it.
Their are several characters to choose from which is nice. Each character has their own experiences. My biggest issue with this game; their is NO PAUSE button. I have a gf, cats, guests, family, i need to urinate sometimes. Why am I not able to pause this frickin game. Every gamer is gonna deal with distractions. I don't have a cave I can just retreat to and I hate missing the movie scenes. I think 7 starts suits this game.

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