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Despairingly disappointing.

posted by saoroy (PORT ORANGE, FL) Jan 11, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I struggled with the camera, the controls and the seemingly limitless, unskipable dialogues.

When I wanted to run, I couldn't...when I wanted to walk, I kept running. I tried picking up items from a table, but kept jumping the table and when I tried to enter/exit rooms, I kept slamming into walls. Now, I love the RE franchise, but this...this isn't a title I'll pick up again.

It's hard to fight the hordes of the undead, umbrella AND the controls simultaneously.

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posted by Vixangel (MORRISTOWN, TN) Aug 17, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

Capcom had continuously ran this game into the ground with each new release. Don't waste your time or money playing this game. It was the biggest let down so far.. The graphics are meant to be so dark that you literally cant see a thing during the whole game unless your right up on it. The plot was as if they have completely ran out of ideas and slapped it together. On a side note the graphics were good, for what you could see. There were SOME good puzzles too figure out but not enough to recommend this to anyone.

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R.E. Shooter

posted by MRconstantine (CHICAGO, IL) Jul 25, 2013

Member since May 2013

First let me say that im not a big R.E. fan i played the 2nd one and thats it. They make alot of refrences (or at least i asssume) to the older games throwing out names and events but w/e that didnt bother me so much.

The look of this game was great, the enemys/ scenery/ everything for that they nailed it.

Gameplay however not so much, for melee atacks i felt you had to be right on top of a guy to hit them and even that wouldnt always make contact. During some of the regular mobs movements made them invulnerable to attacks which is just stupid. Finding the blue disks was absolutely worthless to me and stoped looking for them almost instantly. I did like the differeant upgrade slots and being able to switch them when needed, however not too many great choices of upgrades.

I could never get matched up with someone else for Co-op so i cant really comment on that but it owuld of been nice to have it work at least once.

I thought the sotrys were all great except for Evas, it did absolutely nothing for me and didnt explain anything like i was hoping it would. each chapter takes about an hour each character 4-5hours to finish and there are 4 characters (storys) to play so the game has a longer life than i had expected wich was awesome. However i have absolutly no desire to replay anything.

I gave this game a 7/10 it was fun and entertained me, its deff a run around and kill everything game, not a survival game and it looks awesome. Not the best game ive played this year but deff not the worst

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