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Game isn't that hard but according to others it is

posted by johnny64 (ELIZABETH, NJ) Aug 27, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

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This game was fun. No where near as bad as critics made it out to be. Albeit there are some spots where camera gets annoying. About 3-4 in total. Game is definitely worth renting. After reading a few proffesional reviews it seem like most of the complaints stemmed from the game being difficult. For example they criticize quick time events but really they are only annoying if you are bad at them. I didn't even think they where worth noting till reading other reviews. And despite there being very few camera issues reviewers blew out of proportion. I think it because the few times it happens is when you can be killed instantly so again their inability to cope with the quick change during the game effected there enjoyment. That being said the game is solid 8-9 to but if you are bad at games in general or quick time events specicficlly, it might effect your experience with title.
Gave it a ten just to even out what I think is an unfair score the game has because it is not broken or anywhere near as glitch as other big name games. Rent it.

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Great Co-Op Experience

posted by CitiRaven (GRAND CANYON, AZ) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2009

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

After (finally) toiling through the final campaign and messing around with a new game mode, I can say that this is one of the finer co-op games to be released in this year.

With seven playable characters and a story that integrates through four five-chapter campaigns, Resident Evil 6 looks perfect on paper. Though the "OMG" moments are more action than horror these days, RE6 still manages to get the blood pumping. The inventory system is a little clunky, but a little improved over 5's, and you no longer have to share ammo or item drops with your partner. Even so, especially in Leon's campaign, the chapters can really drag on and checkpoints aren't as close together as I would have liked.

The co-op really stands out in this game. Your partner can join in with you over XBox Live if you don't have one sitting next to you already, and if that weren't enough, the seven playable characters overlap at certain points in the story, meaning three to four people at once are playing in your story at the same time.

If there are any cons to find with RE6 (other than that logo... what's up with that?), it could be that there's just so much going on with so many characters that it's tough to keep up; almost as if Capcom couldn't decide which story elements worked best, so they threw it all in. This is only a minor complaint, though, as when the story DOES finally work, it works beautifully.

When you're done splashing around in the campaign, two extra modes should keep you occupied for awhile longer: Agent Hunt and The Mercenaries. The latter should be familiar to fans of the RE franchise, but Agent Hunt is a new mode that introduces some competition and danger. In this mode, you get to join someone else's game as a zombie or j'avo and attempt to kill the player. In most cases, the player(s) have a humongous advantage just in mobility, but finally getting a kill on another player and impeding their progress is fulfilling and just plain fun.

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GF Rating

Very Good

why all the hate?

posted by tommytee (VANCOUVER, WA) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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resident evil 6 is not all that bad, it has a few problems but none that keep it from being a good game. co op is alote more fun than singleplayer. i think the chris campain is the best by far. the leon campain is okay but gets boring. jake's is alright. so don't listen to the people who give it a low rating just try it for yourself and see

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