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Clumsy and unpolished

posted by BraveSam (DALLAS, TX) Jan 6, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

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This is the worst Resident Evil game I've every played and I've played almost all of them.

Like Resident Evil 4 and 5, this game is designed more like an action game. Resident Evil 6 takes that style much further but fails to provide sufficient ammunition to sustain that style of game play for more than a few minutes.

Ammunition goes fast because the zombies can take a beating and there isn't much of it out there. That alone makes the game feel way out of balance and empty. The lack of ammunition takes away the fun. I actually switched the game to unlimited ammunition but that option didn't work.

To make matters worse, the controls are clumsy and awkward. I won't bother explaining why, it just is.

The A.I. isn't bad but I wasn't impressed either. Having a companion felt unnatural. I would've rather been alone.

It's also easy to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I got hit by a train many times and died for reasons that weren't my fault. It wasn't about skill. I simply should not have been in the trains pathway or should have know to hold down the buttons that were on the screen instead of pressing them. I also got hit with cars out of nowhere. I guess that was punishment for running away from zombies while trying to ration my ammunition. Again, I was hit by a car, not because I lacked skill, but because I was trying to run in a certain direction.

If you run out of ammunition you can punch, kick, and stomp zombies. But you'll often end up kicking the air while being abused by another zombie. Again, the controls are clumsy.

The save system is horrible. Sometimes I was set back 20 minutes or more when I decided to continue playing the campaign.

Like the first Resident Evil, this game uses herbs as a healing system. Herbs don't fit the style and theme of Resident Evil 6 so picking them up and using them feels strange.

This is simply an awkward game. It's unpolished and clumsy. Capcom should be ashamed for releasing such an unfinis

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GF Rating

Above Average

Poorly copied game

posted by mrman1234 (LITTLE FALLS, NJ) Oct 9, 2012

Member since Sep 2010

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game looks and feels like they took resident evil 5 and just added a worse storyline. The graphics look 2 years old alot of time, the game mechanics and gunplay is redundant at best. This series needs to go back to its roots, a horror survivor story with action that ramps up and then it goes back to horror. The story needs to be less convoluted and the characters need to have more interesting personalities. There is almost no difference between chris, jake ,and leon. They are all the same guy with a different haircut. All in all, please stop expanding the RE scope in each game, condense it, bring back the horror survival, and give us a more complex protagonist and a please identify who the RE antagonist is. You need a better bad guy.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by thekavinwall (DAYTONA BEACH, FL) Oct 20, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Its a solid Resident evil, a much better game than 5, however, while the multiple story lines are cool and add length to the game Leon's is really the only one I've thought to be outstanding, taking you back to the root of the evil with zombie enemies and chaos . Overall I find it to be visually great and a step up from 5.

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