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Doesn't even save my game .. gave up on it.

posted by Relnin (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 6, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Got past several check points and it didn't save my game, start up on second play couldn't get past credits, I loved RE5 and RE4 .. ever since Racoon City this set of games has lost it's way.

I kept this game for a total of 2 days .. what a waste.

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GF Rating

Very Good

give it time to develop:

posted by piggiepie (DALLAS, TX) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

As I started the game I immediately saw many of the issues reviewers were discussing and I thought I was headed for a let down. Never the less, I understand that not all games have the luxury of instantly capturing that thing in every gamer that makes you say "Wow," this is one. But, with a little perseverance, like 30-45 minutes, a truly entertaining game reveals itself.

As the game develops, the fluidity of its functions begin to take off and the intensity grows with each step. The mechanics open up and your off fighting the zombie onslaught like you had hoped to. If you are able to not force this game into something that it is not I believe you will find a real thrill.

I highly recommend playing with another. I picked up a random patron and we set off through four chapters. Never had so much fun with a stranger, who became a friend, in a long time. That was a pleasant breath of nostalgia.

The cover system and the ability to slide, roll, dodge and leap to your back blasting from the ground with a shotty is just flat out fun. The boss battles are intense and the zombie AI isn't as bad as people say. I actually like the fact they are dumbly wielding a weapon, while some are in armor and others are good ole brain dead targets we all love to mow down. Yes, some of the puzzles can be a waste of time but others having you saying, "I can't believe I was that stupid," creating a good laugh at your expense.

I am only through one character play through but anxiously await to play the reaming three. In closing, if you are fan of this genre of any kind I highly recommend giving this a shot and implore you to let it develop. Patience is key through the first half hour and then it is off to the rescue. Happy hunting -

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GF Rating


A Confusing Mess

posted by ShaneCedtTexas (CONCORD, CA) Jan 27, 2013

Member since May 2012

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

When Resident Evil 7 is made, that game will be touted as a "return to the series origins", because this action-heavy game was a critical and commerical failure.

I understand the desire to be like "Call of Duty" and sell as many as copies, but this was a flop and the weakest of the series.

The GameFly Rental description I received talked about the game starts off in the Oval Office, with Leon deciding to shoot the President of the United States. Well, actually, Leon shoots the Prez in a midwest college, but it shows that the story itself is confusing. When playing the game, it feels like you're reading a book in the middle and have missed out on the backstory.

Turns out Zombies have been created by Neo-Umbrella and everyone's getting infected...and it's more of a annoyance than horrifying, really. It feels pasted on.

There are many story gaffs in just Leon's campaign alone. Your lady agent tells you that she'll give you the answers at the Cathedral, even though later in the game higher ups want to know what's at the Cathedral. She could just tell them, but...nah.

So off you go, and the game is just boring. Soon you'll find yourself fighting off zombies in a gun shop. The store owner could release the shutters (which he does later), but nah.

At one point, a douchebag survivor's gun jams. Not realizing he's in a gun shop where there is plenty of guns and ammo, he runs outside and gets killed.

You then fight a Boomer. Then you go to a cathredral in a bus. The bus driver sees one zombie in the road, decides not to slow down, runs over him, crashes and causes a big clusterf--k for everyone.

Then you find yourself in a graveyard and, at one point, have to backtrack to find a dog with a key in his mouth. That's when I gave up and turned off the game.

It is fun to roundhouse kick zombie's heads in. The combat roll is disjointed, but it's fun for me to go Max Payne like and go "pop pop pop" on these zombies with two guns.

Overall, a mess of

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