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Awsome Graphics - Terrible gameplay

posted by sensiplays (PERRIS, CA) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

I recommend this title for a weekend rental and no more. The graphics and creativity were pretty awesome.

The multiplayer is horrendous and barely worth mentioning. I found that during several boss fights I didn't even have to shoot the creature coming after me. After several minutes of evading, the bosses die on their own. Truly sad. You can't see hit points or damage.
A fancy looking title where the actual gameplay mechanics seemed like an afterthought.

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Return Resident Evil to it's roots.

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Oct 18, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2005

It's been far too long since resident evil has attended to the roots of their success. See the true nature of survival horror, is being alone. Not having a partner.
Resident Evil 6, was another letdown. Why?
-The shift to action style game play.
-The inability to pick up an enemies weapon or a ammo
-inability to find enough first aid spray or herbs
-the inability or lack of merchants or military crates
With the amount of death and destruction involved in the game. There should be abandon police cars and or military vehicles stocked with weapons and ammo. The same goes with abandon paramedic vehicles, though should be filled with med supplies.

I grant you Resident Evil 6 is hands down better than Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. The Resident Evil franchise was not built on this co-op team play nonsense!

Resident evil, the grandfather of survival horror role-playing games. Was built only one factor, one character braving all odds, alone. Somewhere down the line as technology increased the need to give every game AI partner is just dumb.

Just because the producers of this game decided to make the scenery darker. Do not make any scarier. Just because the producers decided to give you more action more bang for your buck. Does not make Resident Evil 6.
-better than Resident Evil 5
-or any of the outdated Resident Evil's on PS2

There were few things that the game's producers did well namely:
-it's a 3rd person shooter
-your AI partner doesn't get you killed very often
-your AI partner doesn't die
-the mapping system or GPS is easy to use
As far as I'm concerned that's about it. For me what the games producers extracted from the Resident Evil formula is more than what they returned. I'm not talking about graphics or cut scenes. I'm talking about was the essence of Resident Evil.
- deadly weapons with acid rounds and freeze rounds
This entry for me, is just another Merc game or Shooter. Nothing special.

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RE6 is a joke

posted by adam18man (PRATTVILLE, AL) Oct 16, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

The computer A.I DOESN'T"T HELP FOR Cccrraappp.

story is just blah.

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