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No Hope Left

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Oct 16, 2012

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Such a disappointment.

The good stuff. 4 Campaigns! YES! All Co-op! Totally awesome.

Leon: Okay, classic character. The closest thing to resemble Zombies in a RE game since 4. Helena is okay. Still not scary.

Chris: Okay, classic character, no more muscles. Drinking problem!? Piers is... unimportant. J'avo are awful. All action, everyone compares it to COD and they're not wrong.

Jake: Not too bad. A little ridiculous. Nemesis guy is no Nemesis, but a decent attempt I suppose. Shelly is offsets Jakes ridiculousness by being rather useless. But whatever. J'avo still ruin everything.

Ada: Okay.

Mercenaries Mode aka Horde Mode, aka, LAME/Unoriginal.

Graphics are actually worse than 5, and the gameplay is significantly worse. It's very cheap. Capcom cheap. Dragon's Dogma cheap. Dead Rising cheap.

It feels like they built this game on left over tech from Lost Planet and Dead Rising. Not good. Not good at all.

There's so many characters in this series now. They don't kill any off, just move on to more and more characters. STUPID.

Not scary. And UNLIKE 5, it's not even a good action game. It's a mediocre action game with some stuff stolen from COD and the name RE attached to it.

This series has lost all of what made it good. All of it. It began to peel away at 4... and then moreso at 5 but was still good. Now, it's over.

There were some great opportunities for what's in this game. They just got lazy, rushed, cut corners or work for a company like Capcom where they don't make good games to begin with.

Play at your own risk. Co-Op makes it more bearable.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not what RE fans are expecting.

posted by RedPillEater (DALLAS, TX) Dec 27, 2012

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4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

I'm sure you are seeing a lot of mixed reviews for this game. The reason is simple. This is NOT a very good survival/horror game, which is what is expected from the Resident Evil series. It is however, a pretty decent first person shooter zombie co-op game.

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worst RE game so far

posted by kreyes19 (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 5, 2012

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i had i hopes for this game even before it was mentioned & when it did i was pump for it but after playing it i gave up its a boring generic 3rd person shooter good job capcon on destroying this franchise r.i.p RE

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