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RE5 wash rinse repeat but worse

posted by skoora (KIRKLAND, WA) Dec 5, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I agree with the other sentiments that Capcom needs to pick. Are you going to be a first class shooter or a first class survival horror because they're really not cutting it combining them right now. I found myself not caring a whole lot for the piecemeal playtime with each character. I would rather they had picked a character and stuck with them throughout and then have a much bigger developing story. Maybe have the other characters available for certain multiplayer or Mercenaries. As the game feels much more like a shooter the amount of times I was cursing at the screen due to the awkward controls and layout for choosing weapons etc was way too much. The controls were in survival horror mode it seems. I missed how you could assign weapons to your directional buttons and I think the system they use is lame. Plus the points you acquire to upgrade defense, weapons etc would take several playthroughs to aquire enough to be really kickass. There's no way I want to play this more than once. I'll just play RE5 again. While it has the same shooter/survival horror dilemma it has better controls and focuses on just the two characters throughout. This is a series I always look forward too and I would say this is the first time I've been disappointed. Several times I thought about returning it with not bothering to finish but finished it just to wrap it up. This better not jinx Dead Space 3! Rent before buying.

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GF Rating


I don't know why people think it's bad.

posted by MaxieAttack4L (CHATSWORTH, CA) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

Yeah it is different then the old RE but so what just because it is different doesn't make the game bad I personally think it's a great game. -_-

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Very Good

Capcom Ran out of Zombies

posted by jdel1972 (KENNER, LA) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

When I first played RE6, I played as Leon in his campaign and was blown away. There were zombies, good AI, and an interesting story that intertwined with the other characters from other playable campaigns. After finishing Leon's campaign I went onto Chris' and was dissapionted to find no zombies, and the same with Jake's, but aside from that fact, there were great boss fights and again great stories that really caught my attention. The only few things about this game that I had actual problems with, aside from no zombies, was clunky movement controls and a lack of creativity in boss fights. With the movement thing, I was almost contantly getting stuck on enviromental objects. With boss fight creativity you would need a diversity of enemy types and it just wasn't there in RE6. Aside from that, RE6 was a great game with awesome Co-op and was a pretty fun game in my opinion, and if you complete all three campaigns you get a special bonus that is definately worth getting. Now onto the online portion of this game. You can enter other people online game either to help them or do the exact opposite. By helping them of course that means that you would take place as their AI or, there is a new mode called manhunt were you take place as one the protagonist's enemies and try to kill them. Also, the beloved Mercenaries mode is back in which you have certain amount of time to kill as many enemies as you can which earns you points, which can be displayed on a leader board with all your friends. So in my overall opinion of this game, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who is interested.

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