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A total let down for a Resident Evil game

posted by opARIES (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Jul 9, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

The game overall is ok but its just not Resident Evil in my opinion. They have changed it to a straight shooter game. Resident Evil was always popular because it was a shooter and had puzzles but, they have removed it all and just made it a shooter game. Total let down. As a shooter though its ok, great graphics and ok story but its just not what Resident Evil should be. Thats just my 2 cents though.

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posted by madog (EDEN, NC) Jun 29, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

it is the worst of the resident evil games resident evil 4 and 5 are better i like the game but i do not like the way they made it it is better to play it with a friend

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I didn't like this movie(game)

posted by thegamerkirbies (BATH, ME) Jun 29, 2013

Member since May 2013

Im a huge fan of RE4, and I also really enjoyed 5, Im not such a big fan of the original games but i did enjoy RE 1, and code veronica both which i played and beat by myself, and i watched full walkthroughs of 2 and 3 for story, because I like the heroes

RE-6 is a huge failure, you start off in the most painful tutorial i have seen in a long time, you boot up the game and there is no start menu, they thrust you straight into the tutorial, every action is done for you, you are playing in a movie where you must press a button every 5-10 seconds to advance the scene, some timed presses midway through the tutorial act like they are trying to be gameplay, but really fail to impress anybody but a 4 year old who hasn't mastered motor controls

After you start the story as Leon, you get "gun", and some annoying story about how shocked and dramatic the new zombie outburst is and how Leon had "no choice" but to shoot a friend turned zombie, trying to build suspension as if there is no obvious conclusion in a veterans 3rd+ zombie experience, i was kind of disapointed Leon got the "horror" story because i really wanted an RE4 part 2, but the fact that the gun/inventory had no personality or interactivity really turned me off, i later found out about the "skills" but that seems like a really lame stupid system compared to collecting uniqe weapons like "THE" pistol, instead of just "a pistol", i want my pistol to have a cool name and be upgradeable

I really wanted a loot money/gold/treasures, and trade them for guns/gun upgrades game, that was the sole reason i loved 4 and 5 so much because they felt like RPG's, Leon's story didn't even pull off the feeling of classic RE 1-3 for me either, the puzzles and story were just lame
Chris's story-, this was my second hope at a gun upgrade system, since its the action story, but i just got a COD clone which i hate, and they started by making chris a loser drunk

4/10, story sucked, gameplay sucked, guns sucked, skill syste

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