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Dont listen to bad reviews

posted by badbrains (VENTURA, CA) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Nov 2007

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I think most of the bad reviews for this game come from cod fans who don't like change, they would rather play the same game year after year. As you all know resident evil has been changing since resident evil 4 released back in January 2005. Although i love the original resident evil style, i think the changes they made were necessary to keep fun and diverse game play. The biggest change which is switching the camera angle to a third person over the shoulder view really makes game play alot easier and less frustrating . Resident evil 6 took this and added to it to give you more control over your character as now you can dodge , duck , dip , dive and dodge as you shoot through hordes of a wide variety of enemies not just brain dead foe. Another change that was made that i thought was very useful is hand to hand combat, as we all know ammo can sometimes be scarce in resident evil games so having another means to kill is warmly welcomed :note resident evil 4 and 5 started to include this but it was limited to counters. Now you can start brawling with zombies anytime you want instead of having to time the counters. Anyways i could go on alot longer but the main point im trying to make is change is good and thats what this game has done success fully. I recommend renting this game if not buying it because it has a great coop (even split screen which is rare now days) and great replay value do to the returning mercenaries mode. 9/10

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Very Good

Great game

posted by StrickNi9e (DAYTON, OH) Oct 25, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Its alot better than its rated

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Don't listen to bad reviews that give 3s and 4s

posted by murrellbrittany (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Oct 1, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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Resident Evil 6 may not be PERFECT but no game is. I rate this game an 8 because, it tries please every one, Leon is the survivor horror super spy, Jake and the Ustanak is similar to resident evil 3 and has awesome action and he fights like his father minus super speed. And Chris is action packed like in Resident evil 5 (Which I enjoyed). Not to mention Ada Wong whos campaign is like the truest to you (OLD SCHOOL HORROR FANS).

Truthfully, the game is awesome and I never had a problem with the camera, quick time events, cut scenes, or aiming even when playing the demos. The controls were a bit awkard but thats the same feeling for every game... you gotta adapt to it, once you do you will become a pro. The cover system also works well enough.

The game offers a good amount challenge especially deeper in the campaign and the freedom of movement is a vast improvement over its predecessors and melee combat is cool and usefull, boss fights can be epic.

Overall, avoid negative review and you be judge, some people gonna love it, some will hate it, but I bet you as the consumer will enjoy it. HAVE FUN.

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