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Loved it

posted by Scientist_ad (OAKLAND, CA) Oct 29, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Despite the low reviews I found that re6 was a blast to play! I really enjoyed the revamped mercenaries especially online. Campaign was exciting, the story was ok nothing fantastic but good. I just wished it would explain a bit more about the other characters who are not mentioned in the story. Never the less the game is not that hard to platinum, spent a great deal of time on it. I just loved playing this game! I've been a RE fan since the ps one days but I don't mind the change it's still a great game! People need to get over the fact that the games are not as horrifying as the past but that capcom can still make a great game!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Definatley is one of the top games of 2012

posted by xGH05T408x (SAN JOSE, CA) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

16 out of 25 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

This game is not as bad as most reviewers say it is. This game is high paced and jam packed like RE4 and 5 with the scary horror that is RE1 - RE3. One other thing to mention is that the Mercenaries mode it a GREAT feature to the RE series. But in RE6, its really good. The story mode will make more sense if you actually have played one of the previous RE games. But even if you didn't, it should be pretty obvious. There's not that much replay value other than going back to earn more stuff like Skills or Serpent emblems. However, Comming from a "old-school" Resident Evil fan, this game is surely not perfect, but it is still a great game.

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Games like this are what makes Gamefly great.

posted by AlwaysTumbling (DOW CITY, IA) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

14 out of 22 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I wouldn't buy this game. Not because it's terrible, which it isn't, but because I can't support what Capcom is doing with the series.

The Resident Evil franchise is drowning in itself. It's not an obviously bad thing at first glance because the game isn't all that bad but the series is becoming stale incredibly fast as the people behind it refuse to pick a direction to go with. They're afraid to cut the hokey pseudo-horror elements because they don't want to completely alienate the older Resident Evil audience and because of that they can't compete with today's shooter/action games. So what we get is a game that is neither scary nor precise enough in it's action to be truly satisfying for anybody. They're still doing things like hindering the controls/camera to make the player feel helpless at times, which is a classic horror game technique but unfortunately they still made the characters themselves into invincible action heroes, creating a paradox where it doesn't become scary but instead just becomes annoying. Not to mention the story they chose - which is a convoluted mess of an excuse to bring all these characters from the other games together and they had to do this because they're unwilling to bet on their new characters being able to carry the franchise. The final confirmation of the cowardice at Capcom to push this series forward is Chris' catastrophe of an ending. I won't spoil it but they could have done something amazing and fitting for the way they built up the story but instead they played it safe and it fell flat on it's face warranting no emotional reaction.

Capcom's decision to sit and fester in a middle ground that nobody is perfectly happy with is disappointing.

The game itself is a solid 7 at best and a lot worse at times. Definitely a good rental but not much more.

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