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Making the perfect better.

posted by dnavarre (PRATTVILLE, AL) Mar 15, 2009

Member since May 2006

Resident Evil 5 is the best 360 game I have played or own. The graphics are amazing and much of the gameplay carries over from it's predecessor, Resident Evil 4. You will revisit your favorite enemies, including uber-gonados and el gigantes.

The weapon selection is much more evolved from RE4, adding in several weapons to each type, and upgrades are still here. The game is longer than RE4, but still too short as I beat it in about 10 hours, while RE4 took me 7. The replay ability is questionable, as the levels have seemingly become smaller, giving you only one way through a level most of the time, while RE4 had large environments to run around in.

Your partner's AI is okay (she won't heal a minor wound with the complete healing item), but she prefers the pistol to the machine gun with 400 bullets she has. If you still think she's making you lose, you can have a friend play co-op play with you.

The levels do take a while to beat, and you won't die much until you hit that one snag--such as the final boss, or the alligators halfway through.

Ammo quantity is limited, but slowly loosens up as you progress since you don't have to split it if Sheva has a different gun.

There are plenty of unlockables for this game, and some can be challenging. There are four difficulties to make it impossible for you, and Mercenaries does return.

Item switching has changed, because now the game doesn't pause while you want to do anything. Yeah, you'll have to heal and pull out a shotgun while being pelted by axes, bottles, and arrows.

Overall the game has great potential and follows closely to RE4 while making it harder. I mean, what's worse than seeing a chainsaw-wielding zombie come at you? One going after your teammate.

Hardcore fans might find problems with the stand-and-shoot style, but fans of RE4 will not be disappointed-- I wasn't.

Watch out for this game, because RE6 has already been confirmed as a reboot. This is the last of it's kind.

Resident Evil 5-- a 9/10.

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GF Rating



posted by NightEagle (SEATTLE, WA) Mar 15, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

Resident Evil 5 isn't fit for a 10, nor a 9, but something in the middle. RE5 is a great game and needs to be played in co-op. This game gives a great co-op gameplay with the availability of split-screen and online play.

What I think is the very best about this game is customization. By this I mean the availability to upgrade your weapons, buy new ones, and sell items in between rounds.

Other reviews say how the controls in this game suck, but they really aren't that bad. The controls make the game harder because you cannot shoot and move at the same time. Though it doesn't ruin the experience for a while it will be frustrating, but you will get used to it quickly.

In addition there is a library feature that contains figure models, data files (that are quite interesting), and more that you must earn.

When I played this game I jumped many times, and enjoyed it all too. This game is "scary" but it won't give nightmares or anything, just startling and creepy.

The only reason that I wouldn't give the game an actual perfect 10 is because the replay value is pretty good, and with co-op even better, but no matter what you do, it seems too short. I think this game will last a good 2-3 weeks. I recommend this game definitely for rent, and possibly for buy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Must Play, but where is the great story!

posted by stabatrick (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 15, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

Resident Evil has been my favorite game seires. From the first Resident Evil on the Play Station to the award wining Resident Evil 4. RE5 is a must play and it's so wonderful to see next gen graphics. Here is a list of the good and bad:

Good: Amazing Graphics and sound. Seeing the detail in HD is a big plus for all the fans of RE. Co-Op makes the game much better. Having a friend is much better then any A.I. I like the controls (Not As Good As The Wii on RE4) if the game had controls such as Gears of War, then the game would be way too easy and then scary fighting would get boring.

Bad: Where is the addicting story line? RE4 had me playing for hours with out wanting to take a break! Puzzles? It's much more fun trying to solve puzzles which has been a big part of the past RE games. Can't go backwards? in past games you can go back and check things out and use past areas to solve puzzles. Who are you selling your treasures to? It's odd that you can sell and buy items at almost any time. No need to access a merchant to store extra items. I liked that feature in RE4

Overall: This game is designed for C0-Op. Not a big fan of the level system. The type writer is missing. Some might like the auto save feature. This game has been in the works for 4 years. I feel they could have put more work into the process. A must play!

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