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Resident Evil Strikes Back!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Mar 15, 2009

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I picked this game up & in short. It’s nothing short of brilliant! The graphics you will right away notice are next to flawless, fluid & just downright gorgeous! In a similar sense, I had taken a look at PS3’s Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots, in a similar comparison graphics wise, they look just as beautiful if not equally as impressive!

The controls are take some time to get used to. The primary drawback/flaw I’ve found is that you cannot walk & run at the same time. For such a hyped-up work of a game, you’d think that this would be an easy do & not needed to be a flaw in the first place. I was using my shotgun and while I was shooting a Mijiti zombie, I was being hit while I was reloading. My AI character had plenty of ammo, however would not attack at the target in front of me. You’d think that’d be an easy targeting fix. It’s those few annoyances, that I simply don’t understand fully of Why couldn’t of been fixed. Other than those things, I still have to say I love the game!

I’m approaching Chapter 3 and and I’m loving it every step of the way! Besides these very limited drawbacks, I must say, this is a definitely must-have for ANY Resident Evil fan/ and Shooter fans! It will not disappoint! In short, I highly recommend buying this game & not just renting it. I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Thank you for your time reading it. Happy Gaming Gamers! Feel free to send a message on LIVE Gamertag SUPERMARSH1984.

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Resident Evil 5 Review

posted by Sstrike901 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Mar 15, 2009

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Outstanding! Absolutely outstanding! This game was everything that I wanted it to be and more. Story is great and the gameplay plays just as well as resident evil 4. This game is the first of the resident evil series that includes cooperative gameplay and it fits in so well. The coop play is a huge part in the game. You must assist Chris and Sheva in various areas to get to where you need to go and optional areas of the game unexplored. Exploration is also a huge part of this game. Their are times where you can choose the right path or fallow your curiosity and go the other path to soon be rewarded with valuable items of more parasitic infectious zombies. The inventory is very limited which further enhances the cooperative elements. This means that you no longer have the ability to run in guns blazing with massive amounts of shotgun and smg ammo expecting to destroy everything in your path. you must share ammo, weapons, health herbs/canisters in order to survive. The game is very creepy and most of the time you don't see the attack coming either in front or behind. The connection the characters have with each other is strong and you can't help but become consumed with the story and further inspires you to progress. You will not want to sleep until you finish though this game as I did. I thinks it's perfect. The only thing that could make it better is to bring back REAL zombies and the epic return of the Merchant! A must play and a very well spent $60.00. I give it a 10/10!

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Good But Far From Great

posted by Dgenerate6 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

I definite fan of the whole RE franchise, when RE4 came out I thought it was one one the greatest games ever to hit the market..... Now 4 years later..The graphics are great, and pretty to look at with the upgrade due to new to tech ......but using the same game engine from then compared to now is a big weakness of the game...Not being able to walk and shoot at the same time is like Doom's Famous flash light problem. However it does NOT ruin the game, from the awesome fast pace action..... it does cost you maybe to yell at the screen because the computer got in that lucky hit, when u were stuck shooting.... it does cost you to use a couple of first aid sprays when you shouldn't really have too. Also my other problem with the game it is a lil bit on the short side... but since you can then change characters... and keep your weapon's, keep upgrading, that gives this game TONS of replay value. But at the End of the day it is an above par game, and I definite recommend everyone to Rent or possible then Buy this game. Its ton for fun.

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