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Ok but no RE4

posted by evev187 (LAREDO, TX) Mar 17, 2009

Member since May 2006

The game is good fun to play but I still feel the RE4 was a better game and more fun to play.

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GF Rating


Resident Evil 5

posted by kyawookie (KERNERSVILLE, NC) Mar 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

For those of you long time fans of the series will absolutley love this one. First time players of the series will have some struggles.

The story and cut scees are very well done wit seemless graphics.

Non stop action throughout the game.

The Aiming/Shooting has many flaws, and sometims you find it nearly imposible to hit things.

All around i would highly recommened this game to serious game players only.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun shooting some zombies, but where's the horror?

posted by BadTofu (ARLINGTON, TX) Mar 14, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

Resident Evil 4 hit shelves in 2005, and boy, what a blast it was! The new third-person camera and the specific hit detection system (arm shots cause them to drop weapons, leg shots make them fall) gave us all a breath of fresh air! Now, Resident Evil 5 is out. Will it bring us something new, or is it just giving us the old?

Obviously, there is one detail in Resident Evil 5 that distinguishes it from any other game, let alone any other Resident Evil: the graphics. Just by looking at a screenshot alone of this video game makes you cry! The game is very detailed, all the way down to the weapons you hold, and the lighting is astonishing. Graphically, this game is top dog. It could compete with many other games with extreme graphical magnitude, including Gears of War!

Sound is also amazing. The speech system in the game sounds so real, that if your partner cries for help, oh boy, does he/she need some help! You also have your generic exploding and firing noises, but the music is what sets the mood. The fast, intense orchestra during fights will make your blood pump.

Gameplay-wise, it amazes in some ways, but it disappoints down in others. For example, you still cannot move while shooting. No one wants another third-person shooter, but come on! When there are 10 enemies, you need to act fast, and standing still won't cut it! Also, the inventory system can get annoying. You only get 9 slots per person, so you can get full real fast. You can't even move while organizing! Plus, even with the short inventory limits, you can never get the feeling you're running out of ammo. Speaking of the safety of ammo, the game feels too safe. Your partner can save you way too easily, even in the thickest of moments, which kills the horror of dying. Also, for a Resident Evil, it's not even that scary! But, as bad as it sounds, the game isn't that bad. Smart AI keeps you on your toes, and with online capability, you can take the experience through the internet! A must-have for any gamer.

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