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GameInformer Review: Resident Evil 5

posted by StrikerZ (FLOWERY BRANCH, GA) Mar 18, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

Ok to start off i am a big fan of the resident evil series since Resident Evil 4. I thought it couldn't get any better but Resident Evil 5 made that happen. The games amazing graphics and intense story line really make you feel like your in the game. I would recomend this game for all enthusiasts of horror/survival games as well as FPS/TPS fans. Resident Evil hit perfection with this game, the only thing that could use some improvement is online. Im talking about putting in some different modes instead of just playing through missions, other than that you have to get this game. GameInformer Rating: 9

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Its Re4

posted by Gizmoguy45 (SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA) Mar 17, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

this game is basically RE4 with better graphics and a new story but since RE4 rocked this game can still keep people very interested. the one and possibly only downside to the game is not being able to move when shooting

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Resident Evil 4 redux, Minus the Frights

posted by uomoprimo (PATERSON, NJ) Mar 17, 2009

Member since Jan 2005

Not much has improved over RE4 other than graphics, and even those seem slight. The controls are hinky, and shooting is annoying.

And when did RE become the Matrix? Wesker in skintight anaconda pants and leather coat aping Neo in sunglasses is garbage and a waste of my time.

Remember when Resident Evil was about killing zombies? Remember when they created the survival horror genre? Remember when it used to be, oh, I don't know, SCARY?

Yeah, I don't think anybody who developed this game does either.

This game can be summed up in one sentence. Zombies on motorcycles. Yeah, you read that right. Come on, Capcom. Really? Motorcycle riding, shooting zombies? Sigh.

I just can't give this game high ratings despite its polygonal polish (although it's not as nearly pretty as I thought it would be considering they delayed the release by two years), or the fact that it is jammed full of inconsequential things to make you play over and over, because it's not really anything substantial. Just filler. Find the BSAA emblems? Yawn.

As usual, the RE plot is full of hilarious eye-rollers. Like, zomg, crazy egotistical psychopath is going to rule the world. Again.

The fact that it took Capcom this long to release this game... I just don't know what to say. It's fine I guess, but nothing special. Silent Hill was scarier.

So much for this series. I guess if I want real zombies, I'll play Left 4 Dead, or Dead Rising.

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