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Very Good


posted by Wielder (DALLAS, TX) Mar 19, 2009

Member since Nov 2006

RE5 is improves on the old RE4 formula, replacing useless Ashley with a genuinely useful partner. The village in the demo was designed to horrify; the full game provides all the ammunition you'll need to fend off the zombie hordes...if you're good.

Aiming is identical to RE4; align the laser sight with enemies, prioritize headshots. Melee combat is more useful and effective. Collaborate with your partner to perform combos when an enemy is stunned.

The game features many new weapons which can be upgraded for cash. Completing missions awards points, which can be used to purchase figurines or infinite ammo for fully upgraded weapons. The infinite rocket launcher is back as well, although trickier to get.

RE5 may actually be shorter than RE4, but it's definitely more challenging, especially on Professional difficulty where most enemies kill you in one hit. The partner AI suffers on higher difficulties, and sometimes path-finding fails tragically. They have a tendency to run off when you need them. At least their aim is great.

The plot is interesting, with a few surprises for those familiar with the Resident Evil storyline. Although the cloaked character's identity is fairly obvious right from the start.

Unlocking everything takes awhile, and isn't necessarily helpful since a shotgun and magnum and maybe a rifle, all with infinite ammo, will allow you to finish without ever taking a hit. It's massive overkill. You can only hold so much in your inventory anyway. But trophies are awarded for unlocking everything, so yay.

I haven't had a chance to test online play, as my PS3 gets kicked off the network whenever I connect in-game. From what I hear, it's highly entertaining.

In conclusion, if you liked RE4, you'll adore RE5. Go pick up a copy. It's worth playing at least once.

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I will admit the ps3 wins this game over the 360

posted by secretcola (SATSUMA, FL) Mar 19, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

Im glad to own the ps3 version, because when I rented the xbox 360 version at blockbuster(I had a game a game already rented out of my Game Q at the time), I didnt like the controls and my gold membership expired, so I couldnt play Xbox llive on co-op with any my friends, so i toked it back the next day. The ps3 version on the otherhand, haves the same controling as Resident Evil 4 did on the ps2. The new co-op system is sweet! Call of duty World at war's co-op is ok on public, but kinda better with death cards. While Halo 3's co-op is good, but RE5 haves to be one of the my favorite co-op games. Instead of you going to a shopkeeper for weapons and suplies, you have to wait until the end of the chapter to do it, or you can do it at the contiueing point of the game, or you can do it at the main menu, no need to get into the game to just do it if you dont have time. Instead of you doing the suit-case system, you get 9 slots to put your suplies and weapons, while you get alot of slots to store the weapons you dont need for the time point. Overall this is the best game in the series. The only complainment I have is that they removed the "walk while your shooting" system (you can try it out by downloading the demo on the psn if you got psn) So overall: Great game, a must own for the fans!

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posted by Bandoor (MALIBU, CA) Mar 18, 2009

Member since May 2008

Very fun game. It's definately is worth buying.
In my opinion, its the best Resident evil yet. The controls may be funky for the first 10-20 minutes, but you eventually get the feel. The biggest problem about the controls.. Make that the game- Is that you cant move when you shoot. Once again, you get used to this. The graffics, and effects are superb.
The story is alright, Its very short... although I've never seen a game with such replay value. There are so many challanges, trophies weapons and costumes. Which only make the game more fun and adds replay value.

It really isn't a scary game. so If your looking to jump, get deadspace. :P
Although it is a superb action adventure and definately disserves a buy or atleast rent. 9/10

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