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Simply the best.

posted by ShadoOfGon (REDMOND, WA) Apr 23, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I have never truly loved or been into the Resident Evil series. But with the release of a game with so much praise I had to try this game. PERFECT! I only had to jump out my first window and shoot one bad guy before I was completely hooked.

- - - Gameplay - - -
Amazing, this isn't just the same first person shooter. You either run around or hold the designated button down to hold up your gun. You cant move much while you hold your gun up, but when you put it down it allows you to run, jump, climb, go through windows, and do pretty much any action. Guns are SUPERB, every gun has its own specific use and not a single one is useless. They are in the basic category's such as pistol, sniper, shotgun, and rocket launcher. All of them upgrade through the game getting bigger, badder, and better looking.

- - - Graphics - - -
They are nothing but top notch taking up every advantage on the PS2. The GameCube's version is a little nicer but does not hold the extra levels the PS2 version has. Shooting a zombie never looked better, especially when you can now kick one with the touch of a button when its either too close or you shoot it in the shin. Exploding heads are beautiful and fun, some zombies even like to keep walking and have tentacles grow from there neck.

- - - Characters,Bosses - - -
You are Leon Kennedy, in search of the Presidents daughter. Through the game people will come and go, some will help you others wont. But there is a nice amount of them, not to many so you just forget about them and not to little of them. The zombies look different every time you see them, and trust me you will see a lot of them. This game has got to be the only game that makes you want each boss to come sooner, every one is different and unique. To kill them is always fun because the surround area can trigger help full blows to any beast.

- - - My Opinion - - -
Everyone once in a while a game comes along that everyone needs to play just because it truly shows you what joy is.

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GF Rating


Game of the Year

posted by Reaver (Columbia, SC) Sep 16, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Virtually perfect in every way. No survival horror game has ever come remotely close to matching the depth of Resident Evil 4, and I suspect that nothing will until Resident Evil 5 rolls around.
Not only is RE4's gameplay finely honed to the point of surpassing all competition by leaps and bounds, but it boasts easily the most breathtaking graphics ever to grace any console of the last generation. Even the most beautiful of the mighty Xbox's titles are incapable of matching these ultra-realistic visuals.
As I have stated, gameplay is finely tuned to the degree that it could not possibly be perfected any further. The sound is beyond reproach - shockingly enough, even the voice acting is on the upper end of quality for games as a whole (which is certainly a major step forward for the series). The atmosphere is as chilling and intense as anything I've ever experienced (and I've experienced the best of the genre). The enemies are in no way the typical moronic zombies that tend to inhabit such titles - rather they are insidiously cunning opponents that will stretch your stamina to the breaking point on plenty of occasions.
What else can I say? Everything works. Perfectly. The boss fights are some of the most remarkably innovative and memorable in recent gaming history - not since Shadow of the Colossus have I felt such a sense of accomplishment in bringing down such hulking monstrosities.
Everyone should play this game, whether or not they are fans of the genre. Resident Evil 4 is not only the greatest survival horror game on the PS2, but it is arguably one of the greatest games ever created - and I do not give out such labels lightly.

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GF Rating



posted by PiusFuror (HERMANSVILLE, MI) Jul 16, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I really enjoyed playing this game a lot. The graphics were amazing, the storyline was amazing.. It was just all around awesome. Leaon is better than ever, I say.
Some of the parts were difficult, but all in all, It's a really enjoyable game.
I highly suggest playing it at night with lights off, makes it all the more fun. =P

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