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One Of The Very Best PS2 Has To Offer

posted by JAMMASTERJ (BOULDER CITY, NV) Jul 6, 2006

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Member since Nov 2005

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Capcom's Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs in its history. But, in this case, Resident Evil 4 has brought the series to the top of the mountain. This is by far the best game in the series and one of the very best games that PS2 has to offer.

I have followed the series since its beginning when Resident Evil debuted on PSOne. The story continues in the same direction, but it brings a unique twist. A virus is still involved, but this time, Leon (from Resident Evil 2) is facing a tougher group of enemies that the classic zombies...this time, they are human!

The story brings some closure to the series and would be the best game of all to be adapted into a screenplay for the big screen.

As for the game, the action never ceases and so your heart will never stop pounding. The cinematic areas of the game are amazingly detailed. The storyline is so deep that you feel like you are involved in creating the movie.

The graphics bring the best out of the PS2. The controls on the game are great and very easy to use.

This game is a deep action/role playing game in my opinion. It will bring hours of game play even to the best and most experienced Resident Evil player. The puzzles and enemies are challenging.

My personal favorite part of this game was the action that was inserted in the cinematic elements of the game. Leon would reach a part in the game that would trigger a cut scene. Normally, you just watch the cut scene. But, in Resident Evil 4, this is not the case. You are involved in many cut scenes. One scene in which you meet an old comrade, a knife fight ensues. But, you fight it as the cut scene plays by hitting certain button combos as they appear on the screen. If you mess up on a combo, your former comrade takes your life. But, if you get you combo correct, the battle will length with Leon either making a block or a attack or even parrying from the enemy. It is awesome!

I highly recommend this game to anyone, especially those with Resident Evil exp!

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Greatest PS2 Game Ever. Period.

posted by StepAside (FORT OGLETHORPE, GA) Jun 12, 2007

Member since May 2007

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I saw all of the review websites giving this game really good scores, so I thought, why not give it a try, sure enough, a really great game that no PS2 owner should miss. It is great in every aspect of play.
Graphics - The graphics department is truly top of the line. There are all kinds of effects you might not expect to see. You can see shells flying from every gun you fire, at least the ones that use conventional ammo. I have never seen any jagged edges or bad looking textures. All of the enemy and ally textures are very detailed and realistic. Also, when some doors open you can see dust falling from them. Last but not least, gore. That has to be the best thing about the graphics. If you shoot an enemy right in the head with a shotgun at close range their head will almost always explode into a bloody mess and only their body will be left to fall to the ground.
Sound - Sound is another thing the Resident Evil 4 team perfected. All of the guns, explosions, footsteps, and voices sound very realistic. A great thing about the sound is enemy voice. If an enemy is behind you, you may hear a laugh which will usually give you enough time to turn around and dispose of the enemy unless there is an intense battle going on in front of you.
Gameplay - Gameplay is what makes a game fun, and man does this game have good gameplay. In the first part of the game you are automatically given a selection of weapons and other items such as items that heal your health, and ammo. All of these take up space inside your case which you can access by pressing start. Over the course of the game you will be able to buy bigger cases to hold more weapons and items. After your finished stocking up its time to blow away zombies. The game has an over the shoulder camera which narrows view when you aim so you can see farther without squinting. You cannot move while reloading or aiming, which actually gives the game great pacing. On your first play through it may take you 25 to 30 hours to finish.

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posted by lizogan (POST FALLS, ID) Apr 15, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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This is by far the best resident evil game ive ever played. I have been a fan of the games since they first came out on ps1, and this game tops them all. The laser sight shooting is amazingly easier then the old move in a direction and shoot hoping your actually going to hit some one. I loved every minute of the game. It actually is alot longer then the origanal games as well. I also liked the fact that you could collect money and buy things from a merchant, like guns, gun upgrades, and first aid spray. I was very dissapointed when it first came out for gamecube because i am a strict ps fan. so when this game came out for ps2 i was not dissapointed at all! A little tip for the first time player conserve ammo by switching guns often. Use your pistol for single weak enemies and your shotgun for multiple enemies at once. use your TMP for tougher enemies or when your out of bullets for your pistol. Use your rifle for far away or up high enimies and make sure you shoot them in the head as it will kill them in one shot. use your 45. for bosses or if your in a really tough spot and you have no choice. and save your rocket launcher for main bosses only because it usally kills them in one shot. then u can buy another one from a merchant and save it for another time. I didnt bother getting a mine thrower because it takes too much room in your box but you can try it if you want. Any way try buy it have fun

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