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Resident Evil 4


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Also on:Wii, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Resident Evil 4

Control Stick Move. Turn. Aim Weapon (With R Button Held).
Control Pad Move. Turn. Aim Weapon (With R Button Held).
A Button Action. Attack. Confirm.
B Button Run (With Control Stick Forward). 180 Degree Turn (With Control Stick Back).
X Button Organize Items in Attache Case. Communicate With Ashley).
Y Button Open Status Screen
Z Button Open Map
L Button Rotate Items in Attache Case. Switch to Knife (Hold).
R Button Hold Weapon Ready
C Stick Control Camera
Start/Pause Open Option Screen
Combo #1 R Button + A Button = Fire/Attack
Combo #2 R Button + B Button = Reload Weapon
Combo #3 Hold L Button + A Button = Knife Attack
Combo #4 When You See the Action Command on Screen, Press A Button to Execute Action