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So five minutes ago...

posted by morgan72 (STRATFORD, CT) Nov 4, 2006

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With throwback film inspired games having come out like 'From Russia with Love' and 'Scarface' I had expected a cult fav like RD to be a real piece of work. How wrong I was, although its a piece of something all right. The game is nothing but a handful of games belonging in 2003 mangled together with a snappy soundtrack. Its an extremely low rent version of True Crime or Max Payne in the early years of the genre, while not coming close to their originality. Surprised to see the title come into the video game market, and even more so that its just so bad. If Quentin signed off on the game, he should be forced to play it as penance. What's next? A 'Pulp Fiction' RPG where Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace carbon copy 'Dance Dance Revolution' for the Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest trophy? Do yourself a favor, stuff it back in the mailbox, put up the flag, and forget ever adding it to your Q.

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Reservoir Dogs = Good

posted by mrchris (SAN JOSE, CA) Nov 6, 2006

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Upon hearing that a game was made of this classic movie, i immediately set out to get my hands on it.

I was not disappointed with this game. I highly recommend this game to fans of the movie series. Those who are not familiar with the movie, you should go out and watch it so that you can get more from your gaming experience.

Throughout the game you play as the different chracters of the movie Reservoir Dogs and you play out their experiences on that fateful day that they gathered together to rob a bank. Many quotes from the movie are present and plenty of cussing. If you want a clean game, this is not for you.

The controls were easy to pick up. The AI is pretty good and this game definately is a challenge to master.

Reservoir Dogs is an excellent game. I liked how the people who put this game together filled in blanks of what each character was doing at a certain time. I'm sure a lot of this may have been made up just for the game, but it was well done.

No game is without its drawbacks. There came a point while i was playing through the early part of the game when i said to myself "I'm just doing the same thing over and over". However my frustration with the game faded away as i learned to understand how the AI works and as i got a grip on the controls and what i can and cannot do in the game.

Another flaw was the rating systam of each level. Depending on how much of a professional or psychopath you are, you get a rating at the end of each chapter. These add up somehow (I had no instruction manual) to give you an overall rating. In the end this rating is supposed to unlock a few cheats for you to activate, biut i didn'g get any! I must have done something wrong, but i was a little disappointed.

The replay value is there and has you going through each level handling things differently or looking for hidden objects.

Great game overall, but i give it a 7 out of 10. A MUST for fans of Tarantino and his works.

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could of been better

posted by player43 (TACOMA, WA) Nov 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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to mush like Mafia had to stick with the story line. and if you got stuck, you sucked. it would go all the way back to the beginning, that sucks, all that time sitting there so you could start all over again.

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