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GF Rating


Good, but Repetitive.

posted by darkness13 (TROY, MT) Nov 6, 2006

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Reservoir Dogs is perhaps one of the most original movies of it's kind. The tale of a Heist gone wrong. With a video game, you probably cannot imagine what it is. Well, it doesn't go much without saying, this may be a good movie, but the game is almost anything but.

Don't get me wrong, I did like the game, There is not a lot to dislike about it, but if Slow Repetitive game play is an idea of a good time, then I'm in the wrong class. The game is a lot like Max Payne, you aim the reticule and fire away.

The game's story is different from the movie, as it tells you all the events that happened while the movie went on. It's fun to see what happened to the crew, but the events seem to drag on, with you shoot, stop, shoot, stop. And half the time, your probably going back to Checkpoints. As for the driving missions, they act like they came from Dukes to Hazzard episodes.

Not all is bad, though. Michael Madsen's Mr. Blonde is in the game, with his voice being the only original actor in the game.

There is one thing that's somewhat original, You can change the ending. What ever happened to Mr. Pink? You get to choose.

Michael Madsen!
Easy to learn controls.
Short and simple.

No original voices.
Bland Game play.
Driving is boring.
No variety. I wished The Cop Torture event would have been a mini game. That would have been great.
Somewhat ugly game play models.
Glitches on Level 10.

In short, rent this, but your better off watching the movie.

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GF Rating

Very Good

If you like the movie..

posted by discostu33 (AURORA, CO) Mar 12, 2007

Member since May 2004

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if you enjoyed the movie as much as i have u will get a kick out of this game. its too fast tho finished in a day but had a ball while i was playing it. great soundtrack. worth the rent

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not too bad

posted by devinS (GRESHAM, OR) Oct 31, 2006

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This was an alright game. I do really like the movie, but not a big fan of it. The movie had good moments, and dialouge. I thinks its quentin tarantino's best, but pulp fiction is right up there with it too.

This game was entertaining, it is repetitive, but its entertaining. It has some pretty good graphics but nothing special, and the enviorments arent interesting. You do the same thing over and over again, as in taking hostages, and telling cops to put down their weapons, and grab another hostage. Or you can just shoot people and be a maniac, and its pretty bloody, i like the blood effects in the game. I really dont see what's so bad about the driving in it, i dont see how its frusterating. You just go from point a to point b. I mean, you dont die easily.

The character models dont look good, and not the same voices, but at least they try to have the same characteristics. The acting is ok, but a little cheezy at times And this game does have a good soundtrack straight from the movie.

The cutscenes are ok, and the movie cutscenes are pretty much just like in the movie. But the thing i dont like, is that it jumps right in the middle of a scenes thats from the movie. Like, you dont see marvin nash (the cop) get shot by eddie. Or you dont see mr. blonde go outside to get the gas can for example. It just jumps around, and the scene expands the more you play. But hey, at least there is the movie to watch.

And the game is very short, i blew threw it in a day. And i had a career criminal ending for mr. pink at the end of the game. Depending on my rating, i got arrested. And i suppose i wont play the game again. And i guess the bonus features arent much to check out.

The bottom line is, i like what i played, but the game did need a lot more work i think. It was entertaining, and its something to play to go threw a day, without frustration or anything. Its a pretty easy game. I dont know if the game was worth making?

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