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My Favorite Game

posted by girdlescletch (ORLEANS, MA) Oct 14, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I only received this game because it was at the bottom of my GameQ and all of the games above it were not available. When I got it in the mail, I was disappointed, but decided to give it a try. IT WAS SHAMAZING. I usually only like shooters, but the combat in this game is my new favorite. The combos you can make are incredible! Also, the storyline is perfect and unique, but the graphics... Oh the graphics! The graphics are SO BEAUTIFUL! I loved them, even though it was 3rd person and I usually like 1st, but I loved everything about them. Overall GET THIS GAME.

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same under belly as resident evil (lately)

posted by tanecl (ROXBORO, NC) Sep 4, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

The game's manual was 6 blank pages for self notes but you wont have anything to note, but that the game suuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkksss.This is Capcom at its finest (Resident Evil ?) The controls suck combined with the camera and no true idea of where the next point is. When you get a new thingy it forces you to use it with one of the worst tutorials I've ever seen. The controls are classic resident evil where it keeps moving when you release the direction button ( i had to take a two hour+ break cause it kept causing me to die.) Enemies come surround you in groups and you cant attack with combo cause the cam is never any help. And the buttons you mash are the exact same ( the_____ to slow for real fighting) over & over, but you can change their ability which doesnt help cause you cant push it's sequence at a speed that doesn't get you kilt or the game registers.
Over all the game might be fun if maneuverability didn't cause so much death.
graphics C+, controls D-,
(+ arent for good)
I thought it would be at least fun til I got to the level with "Bad Ideas". I regret getting as my last gamefly rental of the summer. At least Resident Evil has a legend to fall back on with its past games (before the 2nd movie)

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Poor platformer

posted by Yikes78 (KNOXVILLE, TN) Aug 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

Nothing much happens except Batman-like button pushing. Very boring. Very linear. I viewed a video of some of the game "action" in which you can change memories and it wasn't even much of a gimmick -- just a lot of pushing right buttons at right times to get the preset result. Yawner.

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