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Very surprising

posted by kerrycraig (TUCSON, AZ) Aug 4, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

I think the only reason not to like this game is if you're an uneducated 12-year old. I loved it. Solid and compelling story, interesting and unorthodox game mechanics, and quite a fun gimmick (remixing people's memories to alter their reality). I hope this company keeps making games, because this was a refreshingly new IP that I want to see more of. As long as they tweak the camera and controls a little, this would be a fantastic series.

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A future sci-fi Jason Bourne spinoff

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jul 19, 2013

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Member since Jun 2007

Remember Me is a third person action adventurer, with lots of platforming gameplay. Your character Nilin is a futuristic assassin that is a badarss killer. In the distant future, a large corp called Memorize is trying to steal people's memories to gain power. The other side is the Errorists, and you fight for them.

Just like the Bourne movies, Nilin suffers from severe amnesia from having her memory wiped while captured. She resisted some of it, and she escaped with the help of her Errorist friends. As you progress in the campaign, you slowly regain your memory, and that is also how you acquire your special combos and skills.

Nilin is an awesome character, but I got sick of the stale hand-to-hand melee combat seen in every third-person action game out there. X and Y are your attacks, with A being the evade button and B does a finisher if you are eligible for one. If you've played any recent Batman game, it's the same exact thing.

Combos are preset, but what they actually do is up to you in the menu screen. Combos can be equipped with abilities to heal you, do extra dmg, string combos, or multiply effects. The longer the combo, the better the effect. So I used the YXYXY combo to heal myself, so if I'm about to die I'll just use those combos. You can tailor to your liking, and change them quickly.

Nilin also has about 5 special ability moves to use for various enemies. You can stun a large group with a blast, turn invisible to sneak up and finish large enemies, and boost regular attacks for example.

Remember Me is also ONLY a 1-person campaign, which was a little disappointing. And it featured way more platforming Prince of Persia/Assassin Creed elements than I would've liked. But it wasn't that repetitive, and allowed for smart usage of your gadgets to solve puzzles and such. But expect lots of wall climbing and stuff.

If you like adventure games, rent this one for sure. Great music and sounds not found elsewhere also.

Milt Druck

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positive suprise

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 26, 2013

Member since Dec 2009

I had read some of the negative reviews and skipped this game initially. My queue was empty though so I decided to give it a try recently.

It ended up being a pretty good game in my opinion. I don't like button mashers and this game really isn't. The combat feels more like Arkham games (not as fluid). Also the combo lab stuff adds an extra element to the combat and things are very timing based rather than dumb luck.

While the memory changing sequences don't happen a lot during the game I did enjoy them. I'd suggest a rent.

1) great story
2) good combat

1) the camera angles need refinement (my biggest nit in the game)
2) combat and movement could be more fluid (I felt clumsy versus dangerous when moving around)

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