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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Rental

posted by dedguy (KATY, TX) Sep 3, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

Don't know what happens with games like this, and I'm sure the big wigs at Capcom were not happy with it, but I'm glad games like this get made.

First, yes, the combat system is a bit shallow, repetitive, but you can say that about a lot of games, including favs like Max Payne 3. BUT, the storyline, a dystopian Total Recall meets Neuromancer meets the Matrix, is intriguing and wonderful to watch unfold. The animation sequences are brilliantly rendered, and so are the set designs. Yes, it would have been fun to explore them, but that's why this is a great rental.

The neatest part of this game, truly groundbreaking, and I hope they do something like this again, is the remixing of memories. You play through memory sequences and alter someone's memory to get them to do what you want. This is the most awesome part of the game, done quite well, but, alas, not done enough.

However, unlike most games that come out these days, which are simply the same old run-around-shoot-kill-stab-solve-puzzle-rinse-and-repeat, Remember Me actually strives for something unique and different. You get the feeling that this game sort of had a fixed budget, and kudos to the director who decided to not skimp on the art design. Neo Paris is gorgeous, and something different when every other game is trying to blow up NYC all the time.

Great rental, and worth anyone's time who is looking for something out of the ordinary that is creative in a world of cookie cutter clutter.

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GF Rating


Best Linear Game

posted by TheGameReviewer (MIAMI, FL) Aug 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

Had lots of fun in this game. Even though it is very linear, I see it as one of the best linear games I'v ever played. This is a game worth playing through.

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GF Rating


Great Concept, Lacking execution

posted by RexDeLaCoeur (KATY, TX) Aug 25, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

-Visually Stunning
-Unique Concept
-Fast Pace
-Decent Story

-Combo systems fails due to deluge of enemies
-Too Linear
-No Backtracking for collectibles
-Weird Camera Angles
-loose controls

Thankfully, this game is short. You finish it before any of it's problems really annoy you. But there are plenty that the developers tried to cove up. THe combo system was only half thought out, as it's nearly impossible to string together combos when you have a group of more than 3 enemies.This is made worse by the camera doing it's own thing at times.

THe game gives you the IDEA that it may be at least a semi-open world, but very early you realize it's not. Almost every door, shop, room is labeled on screen, but you really can't interact with anything that the game doesn't want you too. You can only hang on ledges that follow the path, jump to platforms that the game wants you too, etc. You are guided along by waypoints that keep you to the linear path... except when the waypoints are oddly just not there. This is especially problematic when collecting powerups. YOu have to explore a little to find the "hidden" areas, but if you explore too far in the wrong direction the game locks you out of the area and you just miss the collectibles.

The controls are very loose, getting Nillin to run in a straight line or jump in a direction you want is frustrating at times. This makes aiming and evading in combat even more difficult. And some of the special powers are so pointless they are forced to be used to make them seem important. (i.e. Once you get the Spammer, you no longer just open doors, you have to shoot EVERY. SINGLE. LOCK.)

The story was decent... but it goes one boss too far. The final fight was unneccessary and added nothing to the game.

Hopefully, any sequels will work out the kinks that were in this one...

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