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Very Good

Some design flaws

posted by RobPsyence (COLUMBIA, MO) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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I've played the game for about 5 hours now and so far it is a good game but there are some design flaws. The production level is high but the game is very linear and there are some branching paths that lead to nothing at all. Also the inability to change the controller button mapping is annoying because having to use L1 and R1 often while controlling character movement and the camera is cumbersome.

Also I am almost 43% done with the game and the only memory remixing i've done is the tutorial one at the beginning of the game when the Memory Remix concept is what is supposed to make this game unique. All the moments where you can steal memories they could have inserted the memory remix mechanic and they didnt, it is a bit annoying.

Also a side note on the L1 and R1 situation, it makes the invisible "leapers" and the robots difficult to deal with. if I could switch to L2 and R2 it would be a lot more comfortable to use.

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GF Rating


Tomb-Raider meets Cyberpunk

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jun 17, 2013

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Member since May 2003

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Too sum it up easily... The title is resemblant to TombRaider but in a twisted future of an Ai driven society.
I'm not sure why so many cirtics have knocked this title as being, incomplete or not good enough. Perhaps, those few critics do not have the capacity to understand what the story is about. Not understanding the whole cyberpunk genere would really leave anyone aimless or confused.

If you are familiar with TV series, "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex" You would instantly love this title. It has that rich sense of future outlook of inetegrity of human and system.

You play as Nilin, a memory hunter that is patching her life and catastrophe together with data.
Based in a distant future where man and machine are seamlessly integrated with a credit/system, SENSEN. Sensen is the technology that every human is plugged in with, before they can even walk. Humanity often shifts into not understanding itself and memory holes are plauges of human intellect. Nilin is a memory hunter... Being the best she is able to rewrite entire segments of a person's mind and exploit it at her very will. Tied to conspiracies of corruption Nilin finds herself, lost and nearly mindwiped. It becomes, up to Nilin to patch everything together to see what has become of herself.

The surrealism of the game is amazing. I have not ever seen a game that had so much thought placed into the storyboard. The philosophy of cyberpunk, of soul and machine integration is all refined with a erry, twisted Sci-fi plot that is almost as good as some of the top horror titles out there.

The game world is very linear but well designed, there is something new around every corner.

Capcom has done a brilliant job bringing the world of Cyberpunk to life in this title. Some may not fully understand, the story... But if you like Ghost in the Shell -- A popular TV series... You would enjoy this game.

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GF Rating


Truly terrible

posted by Love4Games (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 8, 2013

Member since May 2005

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is linear and repetitive. The story line was interesting at first but quickly falls apart. combat is both boring and frustrating. The ability to customize your combo is tedious.

This should not have been an action game. It should have focused more on memory interaction. This was like a poorly done Beat-em-up game with a sprinkle of something special.

You will find yourself bored, frustrated and waiting for the game to end (the story is cliché and you will know all the "twists" before they happen).

I would avoid this game if I were you.

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