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run and jump....

posted by St4rK (ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL) Jun 16, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

most of the game is run and jump.... when I see first time the title I expect more to be some kind of memory/mind manipulating, stealing skills, but no … and yes, after some chapters become predictable and boring.

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Sleeper hit, my new favorite game heroine

posted by indigo0086 (FORT LAUDERDALE, FL) Jun 11, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

This game came out of nowhere and blew my mind. You could tell that this game took influence from a few games and movies and came into it's own unique universe. The design is awesome, the futuristic dystopian Neo-france is both very beautiful and ugly in a good sort of way.

The music is amazing, I usually don't like orchestrial scores but the mix of this and the glitchy digital (but never dub-step) flavoring is pleasing to the ear.

One complaint I hear is that the game is very tight on how it directs you to play. When given two paths, you can end up taking one and being locked out so that you can't go back. It is NOT an open world game, which is okay. I think the story is very well told, and doesn't need to be. Not all games have to have me parkouring across a giant city skape at my own leisure. The focused game design helped get the message of the story out much better.

The dislikes of this game are mainly in the glitches. I've encountered things where I can't advance because certain triggers were never hit, either having me restart the checkpoint or turn off the console to get me back in a state where I can advance. Also some minor irritating moments in the game that required several (at one point 10+) do-overs.

Overall this is a wonderful game, a great female lead character not wearing a series of rubber bands and zippers. Get supporting characters pepper the game but the focus really is the main character and her struggle with the theme of memory. I recommend it

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GF Rating


Fun until Chapter 3

posted by NanzoGonzo (PORTERVILLE, CA) Jun 10, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Game is Beautiful, But the story becomes Cliche and you can easily guess whats going to happen next. Combat is fun until they throw 3+ Enemies at you. Near the end of them game I had to start using only my 3 hit combo just to be effective, Because enemies will continuously interrupt you.

I was really hoping this game would be more Memory Remixing. Rather then button mashing from point A to point B. Still, i thoroughly enjoyed this game.

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