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GF Rating


Great potential

posted by gallagher2201 (SNOHOMISH, WA) Jul 24, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

The voice acting, graphics, story line and most of the game play were excellent in this game. There are definitely some unique aspects to the story, which were enjoyable. The fighting and puzzle solving were a little too easy making the game a bit - I don't want to use the word boring - lacking in real entertainment. All in all, I think the game deserves a solid 6.5-7

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GF Rating

Above Average

Nice concept for game ....subpar gameplay

posted by Duhkydd (HONOLULU, HI) Jul 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

The game is cool as far as the story goes but it gets boring when u have to rewind memory.

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GF Rating


Not worth Remembering

posted by SomaXD (LANCASTER, CA) Jul 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

To say this game is amazing is short sighted and actually pretty ignorant. Sure the game can be fun at times, Graphically its decent (DmC 2013 looks better to give a comparision) and the story is just BARELY decent enough to trudge through to the end. However the entire plot is thin and transparent, and ultimately predictable, literally everything you think is probably going to happen... will actually happen right down to guessing the end boss after the first chapter. Fighting is incredibly repetitious and can be dwindled down to: combo - combo - combo L2/RT special move. The level design is entirely linear, with a predictable side area for stereotypical hidden item/collectible. The game design can actually make you mad at time... theres absolutely no reason for developers to FORCE you to walk (slowly i might add) and youll be walking a lot at the beginning of almost every level. The only time you should be forced to move slowly (especially in a game thats supposed to be fast paced like this) is in truly dramatic cinematic moments (which arent how its used in this game. Also if you do a second playthrough or revisit a chapter, you CAN NOT SKIP CUTSCENES. AT ALL. so have fun watching the same thing over and over if your going through a trophy/achievement clean up playthrough. This game is is just BARELY worth the gamefly rental... and definitely not worth buying.

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