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Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream


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posted by lap1026 (SOUTH HADLEY, MA) Apr 30, 2010

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I love fishing and hadn't played a fishing game yet so was looking forward to Reel Fishing. I think the problem is with me since no game can duplicate the real thing. I was bored to death just casting, reeling, hooking and reeling again....over and over. The game tells you that you hooked too fast or too slow...over and over again. The fun of reeling in a real fighting fish is lacking. First you start with one lake to fish in and catch large mouth bass and smaller fish. Once you've caught 3 fish, which didn't take me long, a new place unlocked which allowed me to fly fish. I found that even more boring because I spent all of my time casting and couldn't catch anything. I decided the game just didn't have any excitement even though I enjoy a relaxing game but some excitement is expected when catching a fish. I couldn't relax with this game due to utter boredom. This game might suit fisherman who know which bait to use with each fish and supposedly, the game says, can predict how a particular fish will act, ect. But for someone who likes to fish just for fun and is not an expert, this may not be the game for you.

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Too Real For Me

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 9, 2009

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Fishing could be great at reducing stress; all you have to do is sit at a location, cast your line, and wait for the fish to bite. Then, you reel it in, and do it all over again.
Real Fishing: Angler's Dream could've been that game. It has easy to understand controls; using simple gestures of the Wiimote to cast the line and put up a fight against the fish. Reeling in the fish is just as simple - either you shake the Nunchuck or hold down the A button.
No time limit, no worries about any objectives to complete.
But this isn't that game.
There are 11 possible locations for you to fish in, but all of them are locked except for one. In order to unlock the rest, you have to catch a certain number of a certain type(s) of fish in single player mode.
Adding to the aggrivation is the game won't tell me which bait or pole to use in order to catch the needed fish. There's a "Fishing Master" that is supposed to help me with this task, but all he does is talk about his family and the legendary fish (which I'm nowhere near ready to catch).
So, I'm stuck at two locations trying every possible pole, tackle, and bait to find out the right combo in order to catch the needed fish to unlock the next location.
The game makers try to spice up the title by giving a multi player contest where up to four players compete to find out how many fish they can catch in a certain time limit.
But the locations of the contests are limited to the unlocked locations in the single player mode, so most likely, you'll only have two or three locations out of 11 to pick from.
Real Fishing could've been a grea game for the casual gamer - at $20 - but the large amount of locked material and the trouble to unlock that material ruins the game. SKIP IT.

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posted by Funkinya (BURLINGTON, VT) Sep 8, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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This game was awful! I can't believe I wasted the shipping time to receive it and send it back. And of course I got it over labor day weekend so I had to just sit here stuck with that terrible game.

First of all, the gameplay controls are really boring
The graphics are mediocre at best
Story mode is very boring and there's a lot more talking than fishing

All in all, this is a terrible game. I would not even recommend renting it. Especially if it takes 4 days for you to get your games and another 4 days before gamefly receives the game and sends out a new one. This game pretty much cost me a week or more of time I could have spent playing a game that was more fun than this (which is literally any other game)

As somebody else said in a review... Watching paint dry is more fun than playing this game.

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