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posted by zazenzazen (FEDERAL WAY, WA) Apr 16, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

About half way through the game, the pointer began to get a mind of its own(even after recalibrating the Wii motion plus, replacing the battery's, changing the sensitivity, cleaning the sensor bar and changing its position). I tested it out on other games and I didn't have the same issue, which leads me to believe that it's a glitch in the game. It is bad enough that I am sending the game back unfinished.
Another issue I have with the game, is that there is too much down time, and not enough slaying. They really played this game up when it came out, and I was sorely disappointed by the poor graphics, non existent plot line and excessive roaming around.
The only cool part of the game is that movements allow you to really get into the game when you are taking on a group of bad guys (assuming the pointer doesn't get glitchy). All in all this is a terrible game.

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Red Steel Tops

posted by RedSteel48 (ROCKAWAY, NJ) Apr 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

Red Steel I bought a couple of days ago, looking at the reviews for the game on GF I though i will just go and buy it. Which was the best idea ever. The game is amazing!
Amazing Graphics
Good Plot Line
The Special Moves make the game really good
You can pick from diffrent difficulties
The sword follows your every motion

The game is kind of short, but worth playing again
Something went wrong with my numchunk and i started to walk backwards but it was easily fixed

If i were you i will just go and buy the game becuase it is an amazing game, i used to have xbox 360. On that i loved Modern Warfare 2 but this game clearly beats that!

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a little disaponting

posted by carter1116 (CORDOVA, MD) Apr 9, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Befor you send me your hate mail pleas keep in mind that i had very high expectations for this game. and even thought i havent finished the game this is my view of the game so far. to begin with the graphics in the game are very similer to the graphics in borderlands. It feels like thay riped off Borderlands on that one, and it dosent relly fit in with the game. Second the story line is just tearible if you havent played the first game ( i have not so could someone explane the ending to me) but in the begining of the game you wake up tied to a motorcycal ( how the !#!# did he end up there. and the setting is horible It fells like the chines took over texas and turnded it into a modern wild wild west. Its creepy!!!!!!!! Next the game play is disaponting its like wii sports resorts fencing but in first person. and if you get the game pleas pleas play it on the hardest levle posible its incredibly easy you have a huge advantige over anyone even the bosses are horible fighters. over all the game is not looking good.

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