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best wii game yet

posted by random3905 (CORONA, CA) May 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

when i first heard about this game i was ready to pre-order. it sounded like a great game with sweet controls, and then it was delayed untill march. but when it did release, i got it on day one and beat it a month later. it is the best wii game i have played and probably the overall best wii game.

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Red steel is one of the greatest simulation sword-

posted by SolidaryGM (BRONX, NY) May 18, 2010

Member since May 2010

Red Steel delivers a well done immersive experience for gamers of all ages. In terms of game-play, you hold the Wii remote as though it was an actual sword in your hand, and with the new Wii motion plus attachment the controls really do simulate sword-slashing gestures. You slash horizontally, or vertically and your character in the game does exactly that. To fire your gun you just aim the pointer at the screen. The only downside I found in controlling the character is turning your view, because to turn you have to aim your pointer at the edge of the screen, and it gets difficult when you have to fight multiple enemies in the game. Fortunately, to compensate for that problem, there’s a lock on feature that lets your view lock on to enemies so you can focus on specific targets at a time without the view turning away.

The Sound design is really top notch with how it is implemented throughout the environments, and items you use in the game. From the start of the game you’re playing as the main character being dragged around with a rope tied to a motorcycle, you hear everything flying by you, incredible explosions, and gunshots from the distance. As your playing the game and you swing your sword you hear the “swoosh” as you cut through air, and when you make contact with an enemy, it sounds like you just ripped them to shreds. The dialogue/ voice acting is not the best but it does give a unique characteristic to each character in the game.

As for the story in the game, you’re playing as guy with no name and you’re out for revenge after finding out people in your clan have been killed. From the start of the game your facing a biker gang, and as the plot evolves you learn more about what’s been going on when you weren’t at the town.
In conclusion, the game overall is a blast to play, you have remarkable sounds, close to realistic game-play controls, and a story that helps to draw you into the experience.

I give it a 9.0 (Reviewed by Jimmy Persad from Solidary Games)

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GF Rating



posted by gamecat78 (DENTON, TX) May 18, 2010

Member since Jul 2008

I bought this game. I am not very far into it (about 1.5 hours of play time), but so far it is the best game I have played on the Wii. This is the type of game I was hoping for when I bought the wii in the first place. It combines the ease of shooting on this system with the fun of slicing and dicing with a sword. The motion plus makes it a great deal better that games like Mad World just based on control of the sword. The graphics are very good for a wii game. I would definitely suggest you rent OR buy this game.

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