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Red Steel 2: A Cut Above the Original

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 27, 2010

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When Red Steel came out (with the Wii), it had one of the most basic stories that you can get: Rescue the Damsel in Distress.
Now Red Steel 2 comes out, and it’s story isn’t much more original. In this game, you are the last of your clan and are out to avenge your clansmen and women by slicing, dicing, and shooting everything that gets in your way.
But this game make a huge improvement over the original when it comes to swinging the Katana. You no longer can just block and attack and wildly swing your Wiimote. The Wiimotion Plus makes the gameplay much more intuitive. Swings com naturally, and it does a good job of finding the difference between horizontal and vertical strikes. With these controls in hand, you can maneuver around your opponent, you can block and attack and you can do some special moves.
Special moves like knocking your opponent off balance, leaping high into the air and bashing his skull in, knocking several opponents with a shock wave, and so on. The sword play is so good that I wonder why bother with the guns?
One other thing about the sword play, it will give you a workout; when you swing, you have to put your whole arm, shoulder and your upper back into the swing. Otherwise, you will get a weak attack that does very little damage.
But the biggest problem this game has is the auto targeting; far too often it picks the wrong target (the guy way in the back of the pack) and getting it to the right opponent can be a headache.
As for that story, it is very bland and disposable. I never really was interested in any of the characters in this game.
Still, Red Steel 2 delivers on the basic swordplay that many are looking for in the Wii. It’s too bad Ubisoft is getting out of the Wii market; there aren’t many good third party Wii game makers to fill the void they leave behind. BUY IT.

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This Game is What the Wii was Made For!!

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Mar 25, 2010

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Okay, so after a year or so of waiting, its finally here. Red Steel 2 promised a lot, and the question is if it delivered; the answer is simply: YES! I never played the first due to the numerous reviews that said it was horrible. So I can't tell you the difference there is between the two, but I do know that this one has nothing to do with the first. My first point, is the games amazing graphics! The sand and dust that blows around is very realistic. Red Steel 2 easily has the best graphics on the Wii. With its graphic-novel-style visuals, and amazingly superb soundtrack, this game will hopefully start a magnificent series. Here's my review...

Pros: Amazing graphics, awesome graphic-novel presentation. Some of the best gameplay I've ever see on the Wii. First-person view works wonders, story-line is top-notch for a sword-brawler. MotionPlus makes the game with the awe-inspiring actions. Sick finishing moves.

Cons: Some mildly uneven difficultly. You have to have experience playing first-person games before to thoroughly enjoy this. One girls voice seems out of place.

So, my few cons are mild, and I have played many first-person shooters on the PlayStation, so the viewpoint is easy for me. I've even played The Conduit, another awesome Wii first-person shooter game. And there were a few parts that I've gone through that were much harder than other parts, so it's a tad-bit uneven there. But this game is why my family bought the Wii. For action-packed sword-fighting games; and Red Steel 2 delivers on ALL fronts. So if you're like me and have been waiting impatiently for a proper game that takes full advantage of the Wii's capabilities, then this is your game. I would invest in the price, and if you already don't have the Wii MotionPlus, then buy the bundle. It'll be worth it.

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A Spaghetti Western, Samurai Story from the Future

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) May 21, 2012

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Red Steel is one of the most unique, intriguing, and amazing games to come for the Wii. Exclusively for the Wii.

First and foremost. forget what you hear from people about "stupid" motion controls that "don't work." The problem with those people (not the game) is that they don't understand how to use the motion controls correctly (i.e. they suck at motion controls). Yes, the controls can be difficult. If you think wielding a sword would be easy, then this certainly isn't for you. However, the motion+ does work if you take the time to learn to use it right. I know. I have completed this game on Ninja difficulty several times with minimal damage to myself and using almost no bullets. That is another thing about motion controls. They allow the use of both a sword and a gun without the "random" or "preordained" swings/blocks and a lot more depth.

Second and second-most, Graphics. This game has them. This is because realism is not striven for, though the graphics are definitely not "overly cartoony." What has been struck is a kind of graphic novel art-style that you will either love or hate. I love it. It suits the Wii well and brings the game to life on a whole new level.

Lastly, Music. The music and effects of this game are sensational. It never lets you forget that this is a western. Nor does it let you forget that it is an action ninja game either. The tones are well set and add a great deal to the game.

The combination of these things make a game that is great beyond what we Wii owners normally get for an "action" game. I have friends who despise both the Wii and motion controls who have said they love this game entirely and rate it up there with CoD and Halo, though on a completely different genre-plane. They enjoy it as much as me.

If you have a Wii that you use or that gathers dust and you don't try this game. I guess we know you aren't a true game, huh? No Guts to try something different.

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