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10 Jackals Sheriff Stars and 5 Jackals Tokens in Chapter 1

Mission: New Friends Head outside and through the red doors. A new path will open ahead. You'll get a message about a "Point of No Return!" here, which means that you cannot return to this area for any reason -- and that this area will be unlocked for Challenge Mode. Try to get in at least one headshot before the enemies notice you. Use The Rush on these foes and be sure to keep your gun ready in case you need to shoot them out of the air. Approach the door marked in green on you minimap. On the other side, look for your first Sheriff Star (Jackals 1/10) on top of an overhang to your left. Shoot this for 3,000 bucks -- there are many more of these to find in this area. Now, follow the green marker down the curved alley until you are confronted by a large, armored enemy: Big Bill. You have to use your dash ability to overcome this opponent. Constantly dash to the side (ANALOG STICK RIGHT/LEFT + A) and attempt to reach his exposed back. Use wide, powerful slashes to damage his back. You should dash away when he implements his spin attack, but you'll be able to avoid his other attacks by staying behind him. Look at the fa├žade of the Saloon's rear. To the right of the sign that reads "SALOON" is a yellow Sheriff Star (Jackals 2/10). Enter the saloon and, after the cutscene, search the left side of the area for a red crate with money inside. There's also a Safe (Jackles 1/3) at the far end of the room. Approach it to begin a safecracking minigame. Turn the Wii-mote left or right until you hear a click (the game will give you a tutorial on this) and hit A. Find the "click" three times and you'll have access to the safe's contents. In this case: cash. Head upstairs and look for a long, yellow Token (Jackals 1/5). Pick this up for $5,000. Go back down the stairs and exit the saloon. A handful of enemies await outside. Once again, try to pick a few off with shots from afar. Enter the door marked on your minimap and beyond it cut through the bamboo stalks with wide s

8 Descent Sheriff Stars and 5 Descent Tokens in Chapter 2

Mission: Lower Caldera Drop down into the area below. A small tussle with drones will ensue -- the only other thing you can do in this area is stock up on all the cash in the various crates and containers. The door leading into the next area must be opened with the hilt of your sword. Smask it with a sideways motion from your Wii Remote and head inside. On the far side there's a pack of Jackals around some red barrels. Simply shoot one of the barrels to eliminate half of them. After this you can score some collectibles. Look for a shipping crate on the west side of the level with a red latch. There are two of these, one containing some drones and another, up high, containing a Sheriff Star (Descent 1/8). In the northwest corner is a scrap metal ladder leading onto the top of the crates along the west side of the area. Climb this and jump across the gap to the Token (Descent 1/5). Hop on the massive cargo elevator under the Japanese arches and hit the yellow button. As you progress down the track, look up and to the right -- on the final arch you'll spot a Sheriff Star (Descent 2/8) you can shoot. Shortly after this a pack of enemies will hop down on the elevator. Destroy these and head east through the now-open doors. The next area features a new type of enemy that glows red. This just means they are a bit tougher, and your old strategies work nicely here as well. You can use your new move the Eagle (charge A + B and then swing up) to send them into the air and press A + UP to dash forward after the airborne foe and finish him. Armored foes will go down easily with the Guillotine if you purchased it (A, A, Swing Down). Your shotgun will also keep the red foes at bay. Look for a Sheriff Star (Descent 3/8) on a crate on the upper platform to the left (under the advertisement). Under this overhang are ample locked crates you can open by shooting the red locks. Take the elevator up to the next level. Look down the hall and you'll see a familiar sight: a gate with

32 Katakara Sheriff Stars and 16 Katakara Tokens in Chapter 3

Follow the doors into the new area and you'll encounter a handful of enemies without helmets. Shoot them in the head from a distance for an awesome Bullseye cash bonus. In the next area a truck burns in the middle of the plaza. Stand near the truck and face northeast. A Wanted Poster (1/10) is on the corner of the wall here. These Wanted Posters can be shot for an Optional Objective. You may as well shoot them now to get a head start. Head up the stairs across the way and turn right on the landing to spot a makeshift ladder. At the top of the ladder, look to the eastern skyline. A water tank here has a Sheriff Star (Katakara 1/32) floating on its tip. Now, look just below the tower. A pile of crates here can be destroyed to reveal a second Wanted Poster (2/10). On this very same rooftop is a Token (Katakara 1/16). Head down the ladder and follow the path over the wooden bridge. A massive red gate closes as you enter the plaza. Face the gate and turn right. Just past the white flags with red characters on them you should be able to spot a Sheriff Star (Katakara 2/32) on a fence in an alley. Instead of following the green arrow pointing east, head west. Before entering the doorway leading to the small adjacent area, shoot the Wanted Poster (3/10) on the fence. Head under the archway into the western area and turn north to find another Sheriff Star (Katakara 3/32) floating beyond a fence. Cross the plaza with the red gate and enter the door on the far side. Move in on the pack of enemies and attack them with sword attacks. On the western side of this area is a wood paneled building with a Wanted Poster (4/10). Examine the skyline of this area for a tall sign that reads "SHERIFF" with a large star. On the scaffolding beneath this sign you can shoot a Sheriff Star (Katakara 4/32). Head towards the Sheriff's Office and, before going in, turn around. Examine the porch on the rear side of the building with the "RESTAURANT / COWBOYS REMOVE BOOTS" sign on it. You shoul

19 Chase Sheriff Stars in Chapter 13 Chase Tokens in Chapter 4

Use the ramp to cross the first gap between rooftops. Continue north and look over the edge. You should be able to spot a Sheriff Star (Chase 1/19) on a bin full of refuse below. Follow the ramps up to higher rooftops. On the south end of an L-shaped roof, look southeast towards the moon. A Sheriff Star (Chase 2/19) floats above a pointed rooftop -- it's below a massive green neon sign. Climb up the ladder behind the structure with several water tanks under a roof. At the top of the ladder, turn around and shoot another Sheriff Star (Chase 3/19). Jump across to the far roof and a new type of Ninja enemy will attack. Counter the Ninja's jumping slash The Tiger to easily incapacitate him. Climb up the nearby ladder to a rooftop with a bunch of barrels. Break the barrels to reveal a Token (Chase 1/13). Climb back down the ladder and jump across to the doorway marked on your map. Addition by Adrek: When you are in the part where you get the first Token, if you walk towards the cliff and look to the left (slightly down) you will see a Sheriff Star that is missing in the Guide. Note: We could not find this Sheriff Star, if you can verify its location, please let us know! Inside the small room is a Safe. Climb out the window and, before activating the prompt on the edge of the building, look down the vertical shaft. A Sheriff Star (Chase 4/19) is floating here -- you can't get this from below, so shoot it now! Slide down the long seam in the side of the building. At the bottom, break the crates in one corner to reveal a Token (Chase 2/13). Step outside onto more rooftops and a counter will appear: You have five minutes to get to the train! Use The Tiger on the Ninjas that appear and get some practice in with The Dragon since it will come in handy on the train. If you pin an enemy against a wall you can instantly kill him with a stabbing finisher. Cross the ramps to proceed across the rooftops. When you encounter a group of gunners on a higher roof, rush them and at

31 Rattlesnake Canyon Sheriff Stars and 21 Rattlesnake Canyon Tokens in Chapter 5

Cross the bridge and approach the burning train wreckage strewn about the cliff face. Lying among the wreckage are a few crates and a Token (Rattlesnake 1/21). Stand under the fire and look up. Under one of the leaning beams you should be able to make out a Sheriff Star (Rattlesnake 1/31). The next bridge you come to is destroyed. Jump across it and turn around to score another Sheriff Star (Rattlesnake 2/31). This shouldn't disturb the pack of enemies in the small cave just ahead. Use The Dragon and headshots to dispose of them easily. A ramp leads up the edge of a cliff on the far side of the cave / town. The last building on the right has a familiar sign posted in front of it. Shoot the Wanted Poster (1/10) to get a head start on a future mission. On the east side of the cave / town is an alley leading back to a ladder. Cut down the fence blocking the alley and look for the ladder beyond it. This leads to a catwalk above the area with a Comm tower (note this location for later) and a Token (Rattlesnake 2/21). Climb down the ladder and head up the ramp at the far end of the cave. Turn around at the top and search for a Sheriff Star (Rattlesnake 3/31) floating on the outside edge of the building you passed on the way up. A drawbridge blocks your way across the gorge. Peer across to the far side of the raised drawbridge; on the porch of the building you can shoot another Wanted Poster (2/10). Round the corner and take out the clump of enemies outside the Sheriff's Office (in a cave?). In the southeast corner of the cave with the Sheriff's Office is a Sheriff Star (Rattlesnake 4/31) hanging above a dark alley. Just to the left of the entrance to Sheriff's Office is a Wanted Poster (3/10).

8 Tiger's Nest Sheriff Stars and 5 Tiger's Nest Tokens in Chapter 6

Your first encounter in the Tiger's Nest is with a Guan Dao and several Ninjas. Use your Sidewinder to hit the Guan Dao in the head and then switch back to your pistol and finish off the Ninjas with The Cobra. In the southwest corner of the area is a ladder you can climb to reach a long hallway in the south. The hallway is littered with Katakara gunners. You can hit them from a distance easily with the auto-aiming Cobra. Halfway down the hall, examine a gap in the eastern wall for a Sheriff Star (Tiger's Nest 1/8). Above the massive archway in the next area is another Sheriff Star (Tiger's Nest 2/8). In the southeast corner of this area is pile of crates and locked boxes. A Token (Tiger's Nest 1/5) is nestled amongst the crates. Enter the door under the archway and hang a right -- you can grab the Token (Tiger's Nest 2/5) on the other side of the bars shortly. Just travel counterclockwise around the hallway to grab the Token from the other side. Continue west and you'll come across a pair of tough enemies -- a Guan Dao and a Chaingunner. Immediately shoot the Guan Dao in the head with your Sidewinder rifle. Stay out of the Chaingunner's range while you charge The Bear. Stun him once and you should be able to damage him enough (in the back) to bring up a Finisher prompt. Empty all the lockers and take the southern door into a pantry-like storage area. Snipe the unsuspecting enemies and then finish them off with sword skills. In the southeast corner of the room you should be able to spot a Sheriff Star (Tiger's Nest 3/8) near a giant barrel. Exit out onto the canyon platforms and eliminate the minor foes. Climb the ladder marked on your map. Shoot at the distant gunners with your Sidewinder -- alternately you can use The Cobra to easily knock them into the abyss. Before leaping into the destroyed building, look down into the gap below. Below and to the left is another Sheriff Star (Tiger's Nest 4/8). Fight your way counterclockwise around the upper balcony but

8 Revenge Sheriff Stars and 5 Revenge Tokens in Chapter 7

You'll start this level on a scenic ledge. Before hopping down, shoot the Sheriff Star (Revenge 1/8) floating in the rafters of the building ahead. Drop down and turn around. Destroy the crates, cut down the fence and head through the secret northwest passage until you come to the room with both a Safe and a Token (Revenge 1/5). Use your Reaper and Crush attacks on the Ninjas down the path. Climb the cliff on the far side and stop at the edge of the gap. Turn to the northeast and you can shoot a Sheriff Star (Revenge 2/8) hanging precariously on the edge of the cliff. Jump across the gap and follow the winding canyon back. You may spot a Token (Revenge 2/5) as you hop down into the next open area. Make sure you eliminate all the enemies before going for it. Above the tiny shrine in this area is a Sheriff Star (Revenge 3/8). Climb up the ladders onto the flat plateau and destroy the Guan Dao and other enemies. Examine the western wall before the massive structure for another Sheriff Star (Revenge 4/8). Hop across the gap and cut through the bamboo. A Token (Revenge 3/5) lies right in your path here. After you climb the next rock ladder, turn around head back east down the long, stony path. A Token (Revenge 4/5) lies at the far end. As you turn around and head back west a Ninja will confront you. Take him out and then aim for the Sheriff Star (Revenge 5/8) above the stone passage. It's in a hole in the ceiling on the west side. Fight through the additional enemies as you turn south and then shoot yet another Sheriff Star (Revenge 6/8) to the south -- high up on the cliff face. Enter the building ahead and a burning barrel will fill the place with smoke. Luckily, your automatically-aiming Cobra will still seek out enemies' heads in the smoke. Exit the building and climb the rocky wall. Turn around and shoot the Sheriff Star (Revenge 7/8) to the north. It's hard to spot against the skyline.

Unlock the Sora Katana of the Katakara Clan

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Preorder" selection. Then, enter the following code to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code: 360152

Unlock The Lost Blade of the Kusagari Clan

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Preorder" selection. Then, enter the following code to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code: 360378

Unlock Barracuda

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Preorder" selection. Then, enter the following code to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code: 3582880